Appdexa Infographic - Mobile Commerce Trends: 2017 & Beyond

Mobile Commerce Trends: 2017 & Beyond

September 18, 2017 by Janet Scott

It is the mobile era and mobility advantages have won the hearts of millions. Technology is playing a prominent role to make these benefits profound for the users. First, it was e-commerce and now m-commerce, the trends in mobility are redefining the mobile browsing experience for the users. And, when it is about winning the customer’s hearts, mobile app development companies must not settle for less.


It is not only about delighting the clients but also making the best utilization of technology available to mobile app developers. Since m-commerce is the umbrella term for the exchange of goods and services through smartphones, the trend is getting accepted widely today. While there are a number of techniques that m-commerce has brought for the users, here is a glimpse of the most prominent ones.

 Mobile commerce

The emerging trends along with the integration of the best techniques are sure to bring additional visibility to the m-commerce trends. Although the m-commerce element is prominently growing among the users worldwide and the incorporation of the above-defined approaches carries the potential of taking m-commerce trends to a whole new level.


The gradual acceptance of mobile devices has opened up new doors for m-commerce trend to flourish prominently. As m-commerce is all about making purchases through mobile devices, a number of mobile app development companies are encouraging users to make use of the same. The fact that m-commerce trend is getting accepted among the users predicts that it is going to make its place in the mainstream.


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