New Mobile App that helps Kiwi Women Battling Breast Cancer

New Mobile App that helps Kiwi Women Battling Breast Cancer

October 28, 2016 by Appdexa

The apps are generally highly innovative in nature and provides real-time updates of the information obtained from relevant sites. There are a whole plethora of apps that offer support to people who are battling a serious illness like that of breast cancer.

A disease like breast cancer invokes fear and lots of confusion. There is  a deluge of information that is available and one really needs to access the updated information only. You are not left alone in this fight against this dreadful disease. There are apps based on iPhones and Android system that offers the latest and up to date information on the disease, for the users of the apps.

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Self-examination as per American Cancer Society  do not provide any useful benefits, but it provides a way to detect and get the doctor reported on any changes or concerns that need to be immediately addressed.  

The survivors of the disease are often provided the right type of information to take an informed decision on their journey, while surviving the disease. The users of such apps will be able to store all the information on their treatment and survivorship, with these apps.

Most Useful Features of the Mobile Apps for Battling Cancer:

The new mobile apps are generally geared towards the early detection and poses as a driving force behind generation of awareness for the disease. Some of the useful features of these apps are:

  • 1) Reminders for self_examination
  • 2) Tips on conducting self-examination
  • 3) Healthy living Tips for active women
  • 4) Any information like those related to National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • 5) Anything on cancer therapy through chats, video and other forms of media
  • 6) Answering your queries on anything related to cancer
  • 7) Taking the right dose of medicines at the right time and amount, as per the prescribed medications
  • 8) Scans all your medications and keeps in store all the information
  • 9) Plans for scheduled visits to your doctors or taking mammograms, at appropriate times as part of an early detection plan through these apps
  • 10) Fixing up an appointment, right from the apps, in case of detection of certain signs that tend towards cancer, like a lump

New Mobile App that Helps the Kiwi Women to Battle Against the Disease of Breast Cancer

The new mobile app is named as “My BC” and is offered as an Online Community Service and a mobile app  that keeps a track on the women, to find out their progress against the breast cancer disease. Access is provided to specialist nurses and also acts as a portal for private members. It not only helps to keep a track of the experience of the individual but also let them share their valuable information with others, suffering from the same disease. The app is supposed to offer information, medical advise and peer support on the disease. It is ensured that the functionality of the tool offers an experience, that is first of its kind, specifically for the Kiwi women. The new mobile app fairs well in the key feature areas like ability to store questions, symptoms and medications.

There is a survivorship programme called Living Well that helps to return the people to normal lives, once they have survived the disease. It is possible to book an appointment through audio, video and live-chat with a breast care nurse, so as to store the personal records and also keep  a track on the milestones and personal progress. This is particularly useful for people who reside outside the cities, unable to get an access to the specialist breast care nurses. The new mobile app is a much better attempt to handle the challenge of connecting the people to other people with similar experience, wherever they are located in the country.


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