How Mobile Apps Add Business Value to your Marketing Efforts

How Mobile Apps Add Business Value to your Marketing Efforts

December 20, 2016 by Appdexa

In today’s ever competitive marketing scenario, mobile app marketing has provided the most innovative way to the businesses to connect to the audience. Marketing is the most important aspect of bringing success to any business. It is not all to set up your business, develop an app and rank it to the app store. The app must be marketed so that users may know about.

It is the foremost concern for business that it must have a direct connection with the audience. Moreover, the latest mobile trend and increase in the consumption of mobile data by the audiences suggests that app marketing is getting bigger and bigger every single day.

Here is More on How Apps Add Business Value to Your Marketing Efforts:

Using apps as promotional tool

Through an app, businesses can establish a personal mode of communication with the audience. It is recommended to encourage users for browsing business apps through their favorite social networking platform. They could also be inspired to share their app activities across multiple social platforms. It would provide more visibility to the app.

When the users will share their app activity, thousands of other customers will get to see the feed and there is a fair chance that they may also try it. Including a “share this app” button can help gain users’ attention effortlessly.

Utilizing pre-existing apps for marketing

The meaning of providing services through an already established app can differ for businesses. They could offer entertainment value or educational value to the clients. The point of utilizing these apps revolve around providing value services to the users so that they could easily get connected to the business.

For example, Askers, is an app that helps users ask questions from influential people and then share their opinion to the audience and make money in return. The more popular a question gets, the better money the askers make.

Using app that offer real value

It seems walking a tightrope to develop a perfect business app. Almost all successful brand treat their apps as a marketing tool and thus the idea behind developing the application gets lost in marketing rush. A successful app is the one that is providing some real value to the users.

Consumers need to be informed and entertained when it is about providing real business value to the clients. In case, an app is not providing value in terms of services, it will not be considered more than a marketing gimmick by the users. This is never going to add value to the business.

Personalize app experience for users

In order to personalize the app experience for the users, cater them services in relation to their recent browsing pattern. This suits exceptionally well to the sites operating in the ecommerce realm. Creating offers where customers get relevant offering is sure to entice them for another purchasing.

For instance, imagine a coffee shop that you visit regular. One day you are getting late to the work and thus open their app and press the button saying “the usual” and then get back to the usual chorus. This will build customers loyalty towards the brand.   

Parting Thoughts

Almost every user spends 90% of his/her time over the mobile phones and it is an exceptional opportunity for marketers to get benefitted with this trend. They could take benefit of the chance by introducing their business related apps for the users.

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