7 Signs That You Should be Opting for an App Redesign Soon

Do You Need to Redesign the App? Lookout for These Signs

Why do you need to update and redesign apps regularly to avoid app uninstalls?

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January 13th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

Mobile apps have evolved to become the single most effective sales platform across the globe. With phenomenal user inclinations and factors like effective CRM, mobile app’s usage is nowhere about to see a downside for businesses, at least for the upcoming few years.

Reports suggest that, ‘In 2018, global mobile app revenues amounted to over 365 billion U.S. dollars and in 2023, these numbers are touted to cross the 935 billion U.S. dollars mark in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising’. So, if your app is online already and yet, not performing its functionalities well and are unable to earn the way they should, it is a cause for huge business concern.

Your App Design Is Your Biggest Digital Asset

The App interface design plays a major role in overall User Experience of the app. They together with app utility, drive sales and help market the app towards growth and greater user retention. Think of this: will you like to use an app that does not seem that pleasing, or comfortable to your eyes or takes a lot of time to load?

As per the latest mobile app design trends reports ‘If a website needs more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the people leave the website and 39% will stop engaging with content when the images won’t load or the loading time takes too long’. Its effect is such that load speed now even features amongst the factors that affect a mobile app’s app store ratings.

These issues are directly linked to your app design. An app’s content seldom leads an app user to connect an app with its parent company; but the background color, typographic hierarchies and their overall effect does. So, your app layout design also helps your user connect with your brand name.

There are several million apps in this world, with a few thousands adding into the list every other day. When developing an app, you need to compete with all of them in terms of viewership, sales and brand image. An effective app design, can help a company achieve all this and more. ’

When should you think about app redesign?

Trends change and so do the user requirements and expectations. So. how can your app remain the same as it was initially designed? You need to understand that the mobile app redesign process is a necessary step of evolution for every successful app and future envisioning app owner. You would also require the services of your app development companies or designated app developers for apps that need to be redesigned. The following signages helps understand these requirements clearly:

1. Less page traffic and lower sales :

This is an obvious sign and a huge cause of worry for the app owners. If the mobile app and its UI/UX interface will attract a lesser number of page visitors, it would lead to lesser number of app downloads and thus sales. In fact, there also might be users that would download your mobile app and do nothing further. They might visit your app age once and if they do not like your app, they may not ever open it up again.

Reports suggest that ‘In 2018 about 21% of mobile apps have only been used once.’

If you feel that something similar is happening with your mobile app, it is time you should be thinking about application redesign, even if it comes at an additional cost.

2. A lot of negative feedback from users:

It is a fact that all the app owners intend to create a worthwhile user experience for their viewers and customers. But, somehow at times there exists a difference between their understanding, analysis of market and user expectations. Even the best mobile app developers make mistakes, that might go unnoticed. This leads to the users not being happy with the overall app experience. Also. there might just be certain app aspects and functionalities not working completely in real time. When something like this begins to happen, you might view a surge in negative feedback on your website or your app’s landing page. This is a clear signage that your app needs a complete redesign UI/UX procedure to ensure viability in the app market.

3. Company evolution in time:

If you are an app owner with an established online business presence, chances are that your app has already been in the market for a long time. Your viewers and customers have liked it and embraced its UI/UX features. But, like any other business entity; your business shall evolve with more products and services to offer to your clients. Moreover, your user expectations shall also change with several market competitors entering your zone in course of time. In order to, keep providing your customers with the best mobile app experience; if you have an old app; you should be thinking about your app UI redesign; even if not a complete overhaul. When you timely update your app to fall in line with competition,chances are more than not your customer shall stay loyal to you. It would also give you an option as a business owner to make space for new products and services that you wish to offer your clients further.

4. Evolution in technologies:

Technologies have been one of the most evolving aspects of digital growth. Trending technology frameworks and platforms like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. have taken the world by storm. If you are an app owner with comparatively an old app design, devoid of these technologies and their functionalities or were unable to apply them due to some other constraints; you could think of getting in the app redesign process and including their functionalities in your business space as well.

5. For instance:

Your mobile app was made without AI inclusions. But, the technology can help any and all business owners to easily gauge their intended customer’s requirements. Since this information is vital to all business owner; an app redesign could do the task easily and well. Moreover, when you redesign UI, you could inculcate frontend technology platforms like Augmented Reality to offer an additional 3-dimensional attractiveness to your clients. The choice and options in this area are wide and varied to choose from.

6.Content alterations:

If you have changed your business products many times, you might have had to change your content time and again to reflect the newer options. Also. it is possible that the content initially written and the way that it is presented (including images and videos), was ok with you at that particular time. But, in the course of time and business development, you might want to revamp your app as per newer UI design trends. If it happens with you, you should be redesigning your app and trust us, it is a regular feature for all businesses.

Your app seems slow to load: If due to any reason, your mobile app is taking a lot of time to load, your requirement to redesign apps is a no-brainer for you.

Take it for granted, that your viewer is impatient and that they do not have a lot of time for you. They are bombarded with a plethora of app options to choose from. Thus, a second extra used up by your app to upload to a user app, is reason enough to begin work on UI redesign process. The major reason of slowing an app mostly include:

  • Your app does not support some of its included technologies.
  • App server speed is slow.
  • Connected Libraries and API’s may not be functioning properly.
  • The included bot may have an issue.
  • Issues with the software development kit.
  • Too much images and video content, etc.

Whatever may be the reason, if it is slowing your app, it needs to be removed asap. Remember that, the ideal loading time for a mobile app is about two seconds and for every additional second that the app consumes, the conversion rate declines by 7%. You definitely cannot take that risk.

7. Incomplete user registrations:

All mobile apps require users to register themselves. This a security mandate. But, if your app requires users to fill in too much information and take a lot of time to load; it is a huge UI/UX mistake. This would lead your intended users to only load the app on their smart devices, and not use it well, as it would require them to complete registration. This tends to demotivate the users from app usage and these are the apps that needs a redesign. Due to this reason, you might miss out on traffic and sales directly.

Your app needs to evolve and grow at all costs..

Slowing down of an app is an app issue that might cause you some decline in sales, but there is nothing to worry. The app redesign process, though time and money consuming is not a very cumbersome procedure to undertake. Also think of the positives that it shall bring in. Your app redesign UI may help you attract more users and downloads. The additional app design trends like artificial intelligence and user experience enhancing Augmented reality and virtual reality can take your app experience to an altogether new level. So, a mobile app redesign procedure in course of app and business progression is always a welcome change. Go for it..

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