Predictions for Mobile App Marketing to Prevail this Year - 2017

Predictions For Mobile App Marketing to Prevail this Year

February 8, 2017 by Appdexa

Getting into the mobile app marketing is one of the ways to let your business reach to new avenues. The most important thing is to work on an exceptional strategy. It also requires including exceptional skill sets in order to utilize the methodologies in the best way possible. As the trends are changing, the technique of utilizing the same is boosting in the similar manner.

Today mobile app marketers are keen to offer the best services in the race of being an exceptional service provider. The race is getting elevated every single day as a number of companies are joining the race. And, every one of these companies aims to target the audience base with result-oriented services.

Approaches that are Going to Prevail this Year:

Predictive Analysis

mobile app marketing regime is getting used to data analytics techniques that is of course benefiting the users. The advantage for the users is coming in the form of browsing through the products that have just been arranged for them depending upon their previous browsing patterns.

For app marketers, predictive analysis matters as they get to know the leads projected under convert soon, purchase soon, influence new leads and so on. Moreover, with the innovation of new technology in the methodologies in predictive analysis is changing like never before.

Inclusion of More Ad Formats

There are a variety of ad formats today that marketers will include in the mobile app making. Right from video to rich media and to the social marketing trends, there are plethora of options available for the marketers to influence the users. Having such a diversity with the marketers is both beneficial and a loss.

The benefit comes in the form that marketers can choose from a variety of methods to apply. However, the limitation is that the ad campaigns must be customized prior to using any one of the channels. It may consume more time of developers in order to customize the ad.

SDKs will become more Influencing

SDK is the core of any application and developers need to manage the process by adding and developing the lines of codes, which can lay additional efforts on a developer’s job. The task obviously needs additional efforts as developing the SDK itself is tedious.        

In the times to come SDKs will become more dynamic and multifaceted in order to help developers do their tasks effortlessly. Right from SDK for analytics, to a kit for marketing and to the push notifications, the ideas for software development kit will differ depending upon the industry to be served.


Mobile app developers have got a range of tools to use when focusing on mobile app development jobs. Obviously, there are a number of approaches available for them to utilize for the same. However, the thing that matters the most is to offer an engaging app browsing experience to the users.

The invention of mind-blowing techniques has extraordinarily helped developers to offer the best user experience. The SDK, for innovative apps have also helped in making the development procedure more precise for the developers. As the app marketing industry is changing fast, developers must adapt to these techniques in advance.

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