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How to Leverage the Power of Mobile App Marketing ?

November 7, 2016 by Appdexa

To some entrepreneurs, mobile app marketing is the “next big thing,” a fleeting yet powerful fantasy that must be taken advantage of while it’s still in the spotlight. For other business owners, it’s a buzzword with no practical advantages and an abrupt, complicated learning curve.

According to a report proclaimed by Texas Tech University, businesses who engage their brands on social media and mobile app experience higher loyalty from their clients. Mobile app marketing helps you to increase brand recognition, convert prospective clients to customers, enhances business opportunities and offers many other advantages that boosts business productivity. In this blog, you will learn some of the amazing and persuasive tips and tricks to uplift the power of mobile app marketing.

Tips For Mobile App Marketing:

Testing and optimization for guaranteed success

It’s best that you steadily test, because the content, design and functionality that works perfectly for the desktop visitors might not always be that effective for customers using tablets or smartphones.

For creating an excellent experience for these users, you need to be innovative and test new ideas and implement them.

Launch an Extensive Mobile-friendly Version of Your Website

Mobile Network surfers are a demanding bunch. If visitor’s stopover your website and it’s not revised for the device they’re using, they might get frustrated and navigate to some other website.

The mobile app should be built in compatibility with constantly changing mobile technology (android, mobile phones and tablets), be designed for a speedy and distracted user, limiting the amount of data entry required and the number of clicks.

Responsive and Interactive Designs

One latest mobile marketing trend includes the concept of responsive design, which by default adjust the layout and content of a web page irrespective of the device and size of the screen.

Easy Navigation

Mobile users are tough targeted with simple apps and calls to action that are effortless to navigate. If your mobile marketing efforts drives users to an app, you require to keep that app simple.

Increasing sales with Text Message Marketing

There are about 320 million wireless subscribers in the United States and if you aren’t using SMS text message marketing then you’re missing prospective customers in bulk.

You need to start by sending text messages twice a month with unsubscribe rates to conclude whether or not you should increase it to weekly.

To increase the efficiency of mobile app marketing, you can provide a sign-up category called Weekly or Daily Specials, which permits the consumer to how often they want to get contacted.

You must not be afraid of performing survey of mobile subscribers periodically and ask them to if they would like to receive such messages for latest updates or not.

Get Benefited from Mobile Social Media

According to the latest survey, more than two-thirds of Facebook users access the service through mobile in 24 hours, and more than one in six people particularly use mobile phones to access Facebook.

Target specific audience

Identify the client’s primary business goals as they relate to mobile, as opposed to solely focusing on their mobile goals as it is a  meaningful part of a brand’s marketing strategy, not just a series of operations. It is important to filter specific audience and target them.

Implementing the above tips will allow you to get maximum output from mobile app marketing. It will also increase your business productivity exponentially. Utilizing the above mentioned tricks efficiently can establish a high brand image of your organization.