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Reasons Behind Investing in Mobile App Marketing

November 29, 2016 by Appdexa

There is an explosion in the number of Smartphone and tablet users. The worldwide proliferation  of mobile apps is changing the way we market these products. Although we have almost seen a meteoric rise in mobile development, we do not find an equally matching investment towards mobile marketing. The reason behind these is that we are unable to measure the Return of Investment for mobile app development companies, what is achievable through the other conventional channels like emails or the digital marketing channels of pay-per-click advertisements.

It is on account of the mobile revolution that we see that there digital bend for business promotions, online shopping is the favourite of the consumers and the advertisements are based on the social media. A mobile marketing strategy is needed for covering all aspects of customer interactions starting from enticing and engaging the customers right up to the stage of customer retention.

As we see an increasingly higher number of users using their mobile for their daily activities. More and more emphasis must be laid on mobile based marketing, as there is no utility for newspaper adverts or even TV commercials. As more businesses are getting digitally transformed, expenditures on mobile based marketing is showing an increasing trend.

Reasons for Investment in Mobile Marketing Strategies:

Higher Engagement with SMS Services

As per a study, 90 % of SMS messages are immediately opened by the consumers and are thus the most effective means for upcoming sales, updates on new products, contests and discounts.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The mobile experience must be consistent across the other channels and must be seamless and user-friendly. The customer must have a cohesive experience.

Creating a Sense of Ownership with Brand Apps

The smartphone apps provides a wonderful connection between the brand and consumer, providing a personalized experience. If the user is connected with the website, then the app is highly effective in providing a connection with the user.

Targeted Communication with Push Notification

The push notifications provides effective messages for the mobile phone users, which differs on the basis of the audience segment.

The locations, devices, languages and the usage habits are the kind of information that is obtained by the technology. This data is then used for targeting audiences, in the form of timely, personalized information.

Instant Results

Call-to-actions are the tools for letting the users visit the business page of mobile app development companies or mobile apps, which enable to increase the sales and the customer count. Text messages, emails and push notifications often include call-to-action buttons, which are very useful because they are for driving the user directly to the concerned page, unlike TV commercials and the newspaper ads.


The usage of the smartphones is increasing day by day. It ensures tremendous growth opportunities for mobile app marketing.  

Powerful Insights by Mobile Data Management Platforms

Targeting and measuring across multiple mobile platforms is now based on the data management platform (DMP). DMP builds segmented audiences for the mobile users and are scaled with third-party data, running cross-platform campaigns. There are lots of audience analytics other than the likes and the clicks and these are offered by connecting audience interactions. The audience interactions are collected from the end points.  

The future of online marketing is said to be on mobiles. So, there must be an increasing focus on the mobile based marketing strategies. Moreover, companies have already entered into the Digital Marketing space, and mobile marketing must be an essential part, ensuring your business success.


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