Are Mobile App Marketing Companies as Advantageous as They Seem?

Mobile App Marketing Companies: a Trend or a Necessity?

There are many ways to market an app. In this blog we enumerate reasons as to why and how are the mobile app marketing companies perfectly cut out for this job.

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November 25th, 2020
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

Every mobile app needs ample promotion to get viewed amongst millions of other apps on the app store. When an app features high on the search list, its landing pages tend to be more often viewed, leading to more downloads. According to a 2019 study, search traffic generated 65% of total ecommerce sessions, 33% was generated through organic search, and 32% was generated through paid search.

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So, if you are not marketing enough or not marketing well to stay on top of various app search lists; you are sure to stay behind in the business loop.

Marketing is all about letting the viewers and your intended users know what exactly in terms of products and services, you have to offer. Since the app market is the most evolving digital space; its effectiveness cannot be missed.

Why do Businesses Prefer App Marketing Agencies?

As a business owner, you might be already developing or plan to develop an app with great efforts. But, the app, however good, won’t just start selling your business, its products and services on its own. The app needs to be presented to its intended viewers in a proper manner, to simulate them to download the app and then use it as well.This exactly is what mobile app marketing companies do. They try to take apps to the audiences that might actually download and use it.

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Mobile app marketing includes market understanding, industry analysis and technology intrinsic tasks that require innovation, experience, tools and creativity; all in one go. Finding marketers that fulfill all these requirements is a tough job. Managing their work and keeping them posted on all further business evolution; is another complex task when hiring in-house marketers. So, mostly due to the intricacies involved and the efforts and technology expertise required; businesses prefer experienced mobile app marketing agencies to sort the job out for them. These reasons further include:

1. Business Owners Do Not Have to Shift Their Focus:

App owners are also business owners, with companies, clients and their matters to be resolved all day. Within all this mayhem, it might be difficult for business owners to give in quality time required for taking mobile app marketing services decisions. This issue gets sorted when you hire an app marketing agency. Since they are the experts of the industry and this service earns them their bread and butter, these companies shall try and provide you with the best of services, without you having to put in a lot of effort and time.

P.S: Whenever you decide to hire a mobile app marketing agency, we would advise you to take timely synopsis of their activities, services and effectiveness and also provide timely feedback.

2. They Are Experienced Experts:

Mobile App marketing requires both creative geniuses and technology geeks. The strategies and their delivery objects like posts, advertisements need to be creatively developed and then effectively posted for maximum outreach. You as a business owner, may not be very well informed about the systems and steps involved. Hiring a mobile app marketing agency as an intended technology partner for business growth should be your next obvious choice. As a company, they shall already include several experienced marketers and industry experts with a knowledgeable insight about ‘what works’ and ‘how to make things work’. You could use this experience, combine it with some of your own innovative ideas to make it work in a new way for your organization too.

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P.S: Remember, that you would need different types of app marketing strategies in different stages of your app and business development. An experienced app marketing agency will understand and adapt to these changes intuitively.

3. They Already Have the Technology:

Apart from the experience of the experts, mobile app marketing agencies already have the desired toolkit and technologies to provide app marketing services. In fact, many of them include their own app marketing channels and promotional reports, surveys, intuitive dashboards, advanced normalization tools, and data usage options, etc. already done or options to get it done; in order to provide your app maximum mileage.

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For instance: The most effective form of advertising these days include native ads. These advertisements do not pop out separately to grab user attention or seek to disrupt their flow. In fact, they tend to flow in with the flow of the page, like normal content. You, as a business owner might be unaware about them; but their apt development and utilization as an effective mode of paid advertising, are parts of a day’s job for leading app marketing agencies.

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4. They Let You Stay in-Budget:

You have pre-decided on the budget of things you can spend on and the limit to which you are ready to spend for app marketing services. When you hire an in-house app marketer, he or she is mostly unaware of this limit or tends to go overboard in their means, as they are actually your means. When you hire a marketing agency, and give them a fixed budget to work on; they would seldom cross it without a written or clearly specified permission from your end, keeping their services well under the budget constraints.

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5. Better Returns on Investment:

Every business owner looks for returns on every penny they spend on their business and app developments. And, marketing is no different.

In fact, reports have time and again proven that a dollar spent on app marketing results in creating value upto 200% more. Now, that sure is a smart business move.

Most of the mobile app marketing companies herein have their own sets of KPI’s or key performance indicators and other marketing apps as tools, that help them measure the performance of each of their marketing tools in terms of each mobile app and business separately. For instance: if good content blogs are seemingly effective for a particular industry, they would put in more blogs and simultaneously find ways to trigger effectiveness in other tools as well.

Things to Remember While Hiring Mobile App Marketing Services?

40% of all mobile users are searching for a local business or interest and 1in10 mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase.

In clear words, mobile app marketing is the way an app and its owner communicate with their intended customers and viewers about the mobile app. It includes presenting the app functionalities, products and services in a manner that they attract user attention, downloads and sales. Mobile app marketing services nowadays are a strategic culmination of both organic (SEO,blogs, reviews, etc) and paid (ppc, social media ads, etc.) methodologies to help apps get noticed in the forever expanding global app market.

There is no exact procedure for the app marketing process. Different companies follow different sets of rules and separate options for effectiveness. As a prerequisite to harvest app marketing benefits; the app owners and app marketers should conduct ample business and industry research to zero in on the audiences to be targeted.

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Market Research also helps you analyse your direct and indirect competitors. Also remember that, effective marketing plans are not launched in a day. In fact, their preparedness begins long before an app is to be launched. So , if as a business owner you intend to hire a mobile app marketing company, do it while development; so that you get time to develop as a team and are simultaneously able to give them time to stay affront of all market requirements.

Another important aspect of app marketing is to covet and respond well to all kinds of feedback and review, be it positive or negative. Your mobile app marketing company shall help you evolve and provide insightful information for your upcoming development and marketing plans.

App Marketing also requires Apt Management

A great app in itself holds no market prominence, unless and until it is properly marketed to the viewers who shall view its website (increase page traffic), download it into their smartphones (downloads) and then use it (sales). App Marketing is a completely separate vertical of digital space with its own set of intricacies, efforts, work and cost requirements. In fact, app marketing is known to attract upto 30% of app development budget, for futuristic businesses. Hiring an app marketing agency ensures that this part of app development is well taken care of by experienced market professionals, who are well aware of all the nitty-gritties involved and shall work to carve your niche, in your intended digital space.

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