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Appdexa’s Research Insight On Mobile App Market Future Prospects

May 23, 2017 by Eric Miller

The mobile app market is growing exponentially to provide more space to the new and innovative trends that are ushering in the industry. As these trends are growing like never before, the revenue from the industry is also getting higher and higher. Well, there are a number of trends that have surfaced in the past few years. And, to find the most trendy ones,  Appdexa has conducted a study to find out the mobile app market’s future prospects.

Here is the Insight From Appdexa’s Prediction:

The Global Share

The total revenue for mobile app market back in the year 2015 was around $41 billion in gross that grew to whopping $50 billion by the end of the year. Appdexa predicts that the revenue share will rise to $189 billion by 2020.

App Development Platforms

The 2016 Android market share was around 89% and for iOS it was near to 11%. Towards the end of the year, nearly 25% of iOS developers generated additional $5000 billion. While 16% Android developers remained successful in getting the same result.

Game Development Share

Mobile games contributed nearly 50% profit to the total mobile app revenue sector. By the end of 2015, the figure elevated to 85%, which represents an entire growth of $34 billion in the global sphere.

The In-App Advertising

The in-app advertising by 2020 is expected to grow $53 billion to generate a huge revenue for the mobile app marketing. This is a total of 63% growth if compared to the present scenario.

App Customization Trend

App customizing is becoming the greatest innovation of the current year. As the result of this trending technology, there is a massive 332% rise in the session usages that is a grand success.

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The Conclusion

The mobile app market is a massive business, which is expected to grow bigger in the days to come. As the trends in this industry are growing exceptionally well, users are sure to experience some major innovation this year only. And, when we talk about the revenue from the industry, it is also growing in a similar manner. This was all about the Appdexa’s prediction on mobile app market for the current year.

About Appdexa

Appdexa has been developed as a marketplace in order to help mobile app development and mobile app marketing companies reach easily to their leads. The platform has got a global identity. And, thus it works towards offering the same status to the companies registered with it.


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