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2017 Mobile App Industry Trends in The Wearable Apps

April 28, 2017 by Janet Scott

Whether it is Apple store or Google play store, the number of apps in the respective stores has grown more than 2 billion. And, the upcoming trends in mobile industry have generated huge revenue for the business. Talking particularly about the trends that are flourishing in the related domain, wearable apps have been topping the charts for a number of reasons.

As per a study conducted by Appdexa, (the global research and review firm) , 101.9 wearable devices were introduced in 2016. Smart wearables such as smart watch by Apple and Samsung shows the revolution in the computing devices going ahead. It‘s been more than a few years since we have moved from basic to smart watch. Moreover, it is a new opportunity not only for developers but also for the vendors.

The gen next of smartphones have got the potential to include personal-area network through wearable gadgets. More such kind of gadgets will be developed in the healthcare domain. This will include healthcare sensor, smart jewelry, display devices (such as Google glass) and much more. The upcoming years in the wearable domain will also create innovation in clothes, shoes and other fitness gadgets. Now let’s dive deep with us to explore the future of wearable devices in the mobile app development domain.

Here is a brief on Gen next of Wearable devices:

IoT and Mobile-Connected Devices

Gartner believes that the count of internet connected devices is going to be nearly 26 billion by 2020. And being a technological freak I agree to the same. 26 billion connected devices is a huge number, the impact of which will be seen in sports equipment to medical devices and to the domestic appliances and more. As per the vision, that wearable industry holds smartphones and tablets will act as remote control for certain devices. In fact Samsung has already launched a series of smartphones having such a feature.

Motion Sensors

Mobile phones have inbuilt location sensors capabilities that offer information about particular location of an individual. Motion sensors are widely used in anti-theft, games as well as power saving devices. Moreover, location sensing works in a similar manner and is useful for geotagging, vehicle navigation and fitness apps as well. These apps use technology such as wi-fi, geomagnetic, and imaging. The scope of mobile applications in indoor location sensing is expected to grow further.

Innovation in User Experience Design

First things first, well-known mobile app companies such as Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz and others have developed an intuitive interface for their app. Being innovative at the same time they have given a large room for the users to share their creativity through the tools offered to them. For mobile app development industry, the learning is to create such interfaces that users love to share their thoughts on. Apps that work on virtual reality are another example of innovative in the domain of wearable devices.

Take Away

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. And, addition of exceptional wearable devices has taken user’s experience to a whole new level. The skills required for creating these apps are in demand. This offers an outstanding opportunity for developers to grow their set of skills in the right direction.


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