20+ Mobile App Ideas for Successful Businesses in 2021

20+ Mobile App Ideas for Successful Businesses in 2021

Looking to start a new business? We have sieved through a list of good app ideas that can help you find your next venture option successfully through a mobile app.

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January 11th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

As on date, Mobile apps are one of the smartest business platforms in the world. With easy accessibility, ease of use and affordability features in its favor, mobile apps ensure that businesses get access to a global viewership and market options.

Whatsapp, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, etc. are all successful app development for startups.

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They all started with a good app idea. As per global reports, ‘Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.’ In the year 2021, when every business is somehow or the other affected with the covid-19 pandemic, mobile apps are progressing and growing; both in terms of sales and brand value. We thus, present a slew of app development ideas and options that can transform work tides for any futuristic entrepreneur:

1. Job Finding App:

In the current Covid-19 times, thousands of businesses have either shut shops or laid off employees. A job finding and tracking app in these times could be the most sought business app ideas. It would prove as a boon for all the sides, i.e. the job seekers, the employers as well as of course you. With online test and interview options, it could certainly blossom into the next money maker of the Human Resource industry.

2. Online Books App:

With the lockdown and closed schools, colleges; teenagers and kids have been at home since long. As an innovative web application idea, an online book reading app can help kids, teenagers as well as adults to read these books and learn a thing or two from them. Initially a free to read app, it could offer premium services and include other mobile monetization options at a later stage.

3.Voice Typing and Translation App:

People are finding it hard to find ideas and write these days. It thus provides space to develop ideas for apps. An app that could read, understand the language of the speaker and transform it into text for a .docx or some other editable file option, could be something people would be looking for. It’s easy translation to other languages, could be an add-on premium feature. If you are looking to create an app and make money, this could be a hands-on option.

4. VR-based learning app:

vr based learning app

Virtual Reality creates 3-dimensional objects and has been the platform of choice for various trending app ideas.

It can make learning, understanding and retention easier for the learner. A virtual reality based learning app, in these lockdown times of covid-19 can help in transforming the way concepts are or can be taught.

5. AR-based Games:

Games are going nowhere and nor is the 3-d technology. It has more or less, always been a winner amongst the new app ideas. With high stress levels, people of all ages these days are looking for ways to ease their minds and recuperate. The gaming industry has thus, been a great revenue grosser amongst all the existing apps worldover.

You could thus build a mobile app with AR functionalities empowering 3-d objects superimposed on real life scenarios; could be the best solution for them. As the games industry is evolving at a multiple rate, so can your gaming app.

6. Online Doctor Visit App:

This is amongst the necessity oriented business app ideas. Everybody needs to take care of their health and in these covid-times; going to hospitals and doctors; suddenly involves a grave virus risk. An app to somehow connect doctors with their patients in an online, virus-free environment could easily work for both of them; not to mention your profits.

7. Health Check Apps:

Number of mHealth publishers

With several wearables and phone features inculcating sensors that track pulse and heart rate of the wearers, an in detail health check app could be a good proposition to monitor all other related health aspects like sleep patterns, fever check, etc. Wearable technology has been a frontrunner amongst the future apps ideas and this app could be used to compare user health data with already provided stats to generate health reports for the wearer as well.

The user base of individuals using health apps and market entrants in the industry are increasing by the day.

8. File Converter App:

With work from home being the new work norm; employees of mostly all companies have been facing issues of handling various kinds of files and their inter-conversions using various software. An app to handle and convert these files easily, could certainly thus be amongst the best mobile app ideas of the season.

9. A Social Media Aggregator App for Marketers:

Marketing has been the chosen industry for several successful business app ideas that shall help other mobile apps to success across industries.

A Social Media Aggregator App for Marketers

This mobile app marketing idea may end up as a complex but a must have option for all digital marketers. The marketing savvy app shall provide ‘post options’ to its users in relation to the same context, but with different content as per the social media platform guidelines. The user may choose from 2 to 3 smart options provided or create a new post, as he or she may require.

10. A Car-Sharing App:

With high pollution levels and traffic jams, driving back and forth to work and home on a daily basis could be challenging both physically as well as mentally. A real-time ride sharing app; could let users share their vehicles (car, bike, scooter, etc.) for commuting and even help divide on fuel costs as per the rides taken. This could be one of the most environment friendly new app ideas.

11. A work Scheduler App:

People have been at home for a long time, and their day schedules have thus been a mess. Exercise, habits like timely drinking of water and reading times have all taken a hit. A scheduler app with replaying and reiterating notification features, could help a user to keep track of these necessary regimes. It could be a great health oriented startup app idea.

12. A Bus-Tracking App:

Based on the lines of Ola and Uber, a bus tracking app could be the winner amongst the next business app ideas. It shall help users to track and book buses easily in real time. It would enable the users to easily keep track of arriving buses, their schedules and reduce travel time and effort. An added option of online ticket payment, could also help in reducing change-issues and let the commuters easily make payments.

13. A Virtual Interior Designers App:

An app platform that could connect interior designers with their clients virtually, could also be a phenomenal application idea for the times to come. With Coronavirus in the air, interior designers are unable to visit sites and customers. This app could help them organize and have virtual meetings. To develop this app, you would require to hire mobile app developers with the right technology expertise.

14. Food Planner App:

Organizing food menus has always been a tedious task for cooking wives and mothers, much more than the process of cooking itself. A food planner that would provide smart and healthy food options to the cook and help them organize their systems well in advance, is a great application idea for this.

15. A Dating App with International Scenery Settings:

People have been stuck up at their homes since months. A dating app with an option to meet new people in international settings could feature amongst the brightest app startup ideas of the season. Maybe a premium version with a city tour option could be its premium option.

16. Skill Simulation Apps:

There are millions of unemployed individuals in India. The pandemic has only made the situation worse. A 3-d enabled livelihood skill learning and practising system from home, is the need of the hour for millions of out of work people and families. This futuristic mobile app development idea could actually help in transforming the society and the nation as a whole.

17. The GST App:

The goods and services tax or the GST, is now levied on every transaction. But, somehow it still remains a bit confusing for the small and medium scale businessmen community. A simple app, that simplifies this confusion and procedures, could easily be a hit in here. Amongst the financial mobile app development ideas, it could be the next winner.

18. A More Secure Payments App:

This is the need of the hour. With thousands falling prey to the evolving gimmicks of hackers every day, a mobile app security option for online payment transactions could become a chosen platform for users worldwide. You could choose a mobile app development company or freelance app developers specializing in blockchain like technologies to this end.

19. Virtual Parties App:

As people are meant to stay away, due to the new social distancing norms, the ‘partying’ culture has kind of vanished. An innovative virtual party app, wherein the users could party together online in a fun background with options like games to play, music, dance, karaoke, etc. could do the trick, in terms of a successful business idea. You would require apt developers and mobile development frameworks to make this mobile application idea a reality.

20. AR Based Shopping App:

A shopping app platform with options for users to click their pictures and try on garments, shoes and accessories in 3-d from their phone itself, could transform shopping space in the times to come. But, developing such a high-end app platform would be both complex and tricky. You might thus have to rope in some top app development companies for this idea.

21. Image Scanner App:

Just like ‘Google’ scans texts to find searched words amongst its pages; this app would be able to scan objects and provide information about the same. Eg, a scan of a camera’s pic will tell about its make, brand, etc. This is again a complex app and would require specialized app development companies with some of the best app developers to pitch in.

22. Easy Video Editing App:

Since videos are the new text, easy to use apps for editings like easy croppings, effects, voice change, etc. could be an app for choice for the video savvy generation of today.

23. Self-Work App:

People are on a lookout for work constantly. Thus, as one of the future apps ideas, you could develop a mobile app that would connect small-time self employed workers like plumbers, electricians, etc. to the nearby clients and projects; could be of great help.

24. Books Exchange App:

There are never enough books to read for a book lover. An app that could connect book lovers and help them to exchange books with users in nearby areas could be a great startup app idea. It would help the users to easily share book-resources, without having to spend on buying new ones every time.

25. A Currency Checker App:

Currency notes include several specifications that help to declare their originality could be amongst the greatest app ideas. A currency checker app would be downloaded by businessmen all over to scan currency notes for these specifications, using phone camera and detail scan features, to separate out the fake ones.


The above stated app ideas are skillfully curated by our writer after a thorough market analysis. We hope some of them could help you find your source of inspiration and the way forward for your next mobile app development. Best of Luck!

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