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How Mobile App Ecosystem is Growing in Aviation Industry

July 11, 2017 by Eric Miller

The average number of users flying through airplanes every now and then is near to 3.6 billion. This is an exciting opportunity to mobile app development companies to get into a new sector which is full of business possibilities. Mobile ecosystem is increasingly growing in aviation industry. And the fact that more and more people are using mobile apps to book their next flight has given a major push to the business.

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Now customers are used to having everything there on their mobile screens. Therefore, the concept of airline applications is growing prominently. In order to bound the customers on the applications, companies need to focus on a number of considerations including the designing. Add on to this, the app’s color scheme, loading time, and other such parameters also play an important role in the success of such mobile applications.


Here are Other Parameters to Keep into the Mind

The App Speed

The speed of an application plays an essential role to predict its success. No user will ever wait for your app to load if it takes more than a few seconds. Thus, an important concern for every mobile app development company is the speed of the application. Never let your users abandon the application just because of a poor speed.


The UI/UX of App

The way an application is perceived by the users is again an important criteria for its success. Pleasing the users through an exceptional app UI/UX is very much important. Both of these elements are the first line of introduction of the application with the users and therefore it is important to attract them with powerful design.


Insights from Appdexa Research

  • 75% of people who travel frequently use smartphones.
  • Nearly 90% people like to use multiple screens to complete bunch of tasks subsequently, meaning more users are adopting smartphones.
  • Year 2016 marked the time when greater number of digital bookings were done. From then the numbers are soaring only.
  • The average number of users flying through airplanes every now and then is near to 3.6 billion.
  • Most of the Americans use American Airlines generally.


Why it’s Crucial for Airlines to Adopt Mobile Applications?

For Passenger’s Convenience

Having the access of the details of their journey is something that every frequent traveller appreciates. This is possible only through your customized airline-centric mobile application. With a mobile application, it gets really easy to explore as well as start and end the travel cycle as per the convenience. It is also easy to browse, check and select the boarding as desired.

app for passenger

Fulfills Customized Needs

Fulfilling customer’s need through customized solutions pleases them. Customers can have an effortless time finding these solutions. As they will get the things as per the requirement, the credibility of such applications keep on increasing for the users. This way the airline companies can have a better relation with their clients in the future. It also helps to boost the business.

Airlines Mobile App Tech


Apps offer everything at the tip of the finger. And, for the users, it is the best medium to choose the services at any point of time. Through mobile app technology, the services from the companies reach instantly to the clients. This increases customer enhancement experience and in return boosts the credibility of the business for the users.

Application Friendliness

Future of Mobile Apps and Airlines

The steady but continuous growth of airline applications are sure to offer new ways to the users for fulfilling their particular requirements. As the technology in the mobile app development company is increasing like never before, users will have a great time using these apps at their convenience. Airline operators will offer innovative mobility services in order to entice more and more clients in the business.


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