Android App Development : Life-cycle Guide for Every Developer

Android App Development – The Life-cycle Guide for Every Developer

April 14, 2017 by Appdexa

The process, steps and approaches involved in mobile app development are getting  innovative every single day. As they are impressive, every developer must know about these exceptional approaches. It’s been quite a few years now since Android has made its mark in the industry and offered a whole new opportunity to the businesses to flourish like never before.

When it is all about developing the app for Android platform, it requires dedication as well as concentration with the developers. The aim of indulging in app development is to offer an engaging experience to the users. For the same reason, developers must know every aspect of Android development cycle so that they could offer something unique in the end result i.e. through mobile apps. For those who are not aware of steps of Android app development Life-cycle, we are going to explain the same one by one.

Here are the considerations that must be kept into the mind:

Clarity of the Development phase

For a developer, the foremost concern is to having the clarity of the entire development phase. It is possible only to come up with unique result if the developer is well versed with the development stages of the app. Studying the app, the purpose of its development and how it can become different from its counterparts, these are the considerations that a developer must think upon prior to developing the application.

The App Layout

The layout of an Android app must be an element that could soothe the eyes of the users. They must develop a sense of familiarity while using the application. Thus, working on the design from the perspective of a user is the ultimate solution to create something innovative in the form of application. Millions of apps are launched every single day and thus to raise above the noise, it is important to work on the designing from user’s viewpoint.

Appealing App Design

There is nothing better for a developer than knowing that his app is creating a buzz in the market. This is possible only when the app has an appealing design. Having an engaging design will attract the users and this is something that every developer should understand while developing the outline of the application. The more engaging the app is the better number of users it will retain.

App Store Registration

App store encounters thousands of app registration on a daily basis. And, to be different from such an extensive number of app registration, the developers need to follow some of the basic guidelines to be able to engage users in their applications. Offer some unique experience to the users so that your app can get extended views and this will help you in offering more visibility to the application.


Irrespective of the platform for which an app is created, the app development company must follow the guidelines and the proven ways that could help it create innovation with the application. The most important concern for today’s developers is to offer something unique to the users in order to delight them thoroughly with the navigation. It is all about creating an exceptional app and keeping the users satisfied with the app development services. Working on these ideas could help to create a buzz in the related industry.

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