Mobile App Development: Latest Trends to Watch in 2017

Mobile App Development: Latest Trends to Watch in 2017

December 27, 2016 by Appdexa

Mobile users have surpassed the number of desktop users that is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. This fact offers enough room to bring innovation to mobile app development regime. Additionally, the booming rise in the app development trends has also given a compelling reason to create user-centric applications. Apps in the Google store are near 2.2 million in number and Apple houses nearly 2 million apps.   

As the Technology is Getting More Specific, here are Some Trends to watch in 2017:

App Development with AR Utility

AR Or augmented reality is getting more prominent with mobile app development. Developers are now utilizing AR to conclude more specific tasks. With the advent of wearable technology in the current picture, AR tools will become more effective as well as productive in the years to come.

Innovative usages of AR technology is expected to revolutionize messenger like apps. For instance- if someone types “cab” in the search domain of any related app, detection of the word “cab” will open taxi sharing app in the search result. This will make app using experience a delighted one for the users.  

AI Embedded Apps

Artificial intelligence is growing prominently and it is expected to profit mobile app development industry too. As more developers are keen to include AI in their applications, the users are expected to taste something refreshing. It is also expected that developers will soon be working on self-learning apps.

These self learning apps will customize the search results for the users depending upon the preferences of their searches previously. Also mentioned as Neural Networks, such services will soon shift right from data center to everyday devices including smartphones and IoT enabled devices.

Location Based Services

Location based services or LBS has already made smartphone users’ life a lot easier. The technique is expected to evolve more in the upcoming years in order to give users real-time information that will be based on their whereabouts.


The areas where LBS can be implemented include payment portals (location-specific), security feature, navigation, travel and tourism to mention a few. Location based services when integrated well with Beacon technology is expected to offer exceptional result-oriented services to the users. As LBS enabled devices drain battery fast, developers need to work hard on hardware advancements.

App Security

App security will become a prominent concern for the developers in the upcoming years. There is no doubt about the fact that security of apps as well as of smartphones is one of the prominent concerns today. Moreover, in the upcoming years, in built security features will be given more importance than ever before.

As the security of apps is facing a threat with the unethical hacking attempts, developers are expected to work more and more in this particular area to offer exceptional in-app security features to the users.   

In closing

With all the innovative mobile app development trends that are yet to be revealed in the upcoming years, the whole stress will be given to take users’ expectation to a whole new level with functional smartphone features. As the technology in the related sector is booming every single day, users will get more delighted. At last, it is all about providing a smooth user experience in terms of app designing, app development, the security of applications and the UI/UX of apps too.

Appdexa has successfully helped a number of clients to get the latest news and the trends of top mobile app development companies. The aim is to provide business-oriented specific results to the users.


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