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Most Important Certifications for Mobile App Developers in 2017

January 11, 2017 by Appdexa

When it comes to talking about certifications for mobile developers, there are not many such programs available for them. However, 2017 promises to bring some of the most innovative programs for developers that could help them get better job opportunities in their profiles only. Thus, the mobile computing regime has got all the potential to promise a better career to mobile developers.

Mobile computing also accounts as one of the major resources to drive the traffic towards a website. This offers an exceptional chance to developers to gain a fair share of profits. However, the concern is to earn a certificate in order to gain the concerned expertise.

Mobile developers could only show their true colors in two different regimes, including Android and Apple’s swift. Thus getting expertise in one of them, getting to know Java and JavaScript & learning the codings is a way to get success in the similar domain. Here is a brief on the certifications that will pave the way for success for mobile developers.

List of Certifications:

Swift Developer Certification

Swift, being Apple’s iOS development language has the inclusion of objective C & C as well. It is obvious that developers will have a fine understanding of these languages, which is an add on for their skill. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer a swift certification, which means developers need to enroll with third parties to gain the certification.

The most trustworthy partner to earn similar certification is Coursera. It offers a five-week long online course that offers insight in programming for iOS with swift. Towards the end of the course a related certification is offered to the developers that speaks for their expertise in the similar language.    

Android Developer Certification

Android offers an entire range of devices that is much wider than Apple’s complete spectrum of devices. Earning an Android certification is probably the best bet in case you are looking for a fulfilling career in the related field. For choosing the best certification, nothing will suit you the best other than Google’s associate Android developer certification.

This certification can only be earned through Google’s developer certification site. Google doesn’t offer any such programs directly to the learners. Hence, the expertise can only be attained as discussed.

Java certification

Java is considered as the backbone of Android. Hence, it is important to have a certification in this language. The certifications are offered right from Oracle and what can offer your profile a bigger push than having a similar certification. Hence, go for it and get to explore more job opportunities with the same.

As the methodologies and the techniques in Java languages are developing, there is an entire new sphere for the developers to explore and learn innovative insights from the same. Java world is changing frequently and thus it is important to have the related understanding.

The Bottom Line

An official proof of developer’s expertise through a certification in programming language is a step forward to earn a better job opportunity in the ever-evolving mobile app development and computing market. As internet has given bigger wings to the learners, it is easy than ever to learn the languages easily.

Having all the resources at developer’s disposal, it is now easier for them to learn a variety of language and use the most innovative ones to conclude the development of apps that are functional and feature-rich at the same time in order to please the users to the fullest.

Appdexa is one of the innovative marketplace that subtly meets the requirements of both the business owners and the users by helping them choose the right resource as per the requirement.


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