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8 Color Scheme Trends in Mobile App Design

November 30, 2016 by Appdexa

Google’s revolutionary take on introducing high-end material design concept in 2014, paved way for other gen-next app design technologies to spruce up the industry. And if sources are to be believed, this mobile app design & development is no longer a distinct part of web industry, instead it has now emerged as an influencing and independent sector for professional coders. More than 70% of the web users across the globe are actively available on mobile devices and hence it becomes crucial to proffer the best mobile services to them. Be it through an intuitive interface, interactive applications or some affordable mobile app services.

There are hundreds of mobile applications introduced and made available for mobile users across the globe in the last few years. Witnessing such a rising demand of application usage via mobile devices, almost all top-notch IT firms are working to offer exceptional services of mobile app design to their customers. But do they all succeed? Or what does it take to lead this stiff competition? Well, the answer to these simple questions is “exclusivity”. Yes! The success of a mobile app significantly depends on its exclusiveness and peculiarity when compared to its runners in the market. And this exclusivity can be measured on varied components like color, user interface, responsiveness, etc. Considering the significance of color scheme in mobile app design, let us have a glimpse to some of its popular rising trends.

Top 8 Color Scheme Trends in Mobile App Design:

1. More white-space, less colors

If you are an apple user, you might be familiar with a user interface on your iOS devices displaying more of a whitespace and less of other vibrant colors. This dual-palette helps in specifying each linked and active elements on the screen with minimum usage of color board. To get a live experience of this emerging trend, get an iOS handset for yourself and feel the difference.

2. Emphasis on contrasts

Mobile app design companies remained skeptical when it comes to experimenting with contrasts in their new designs, until iOS7 came into light. All credits goes to the bold step by Apple for introducing vibrant reds, blues, pinks and greens in mobile designs. No wonder, contrasts are considered to be more effectual for leaving a clear and impactful visuals in user’s mind.

3. Color Shadows

Get ready to experience an all new feature of coloured shadows in mobile app design. Previously, most of the app developers tends to settle for monochromatic shadows and background for their applications. But not anymore, as coloured shadows have come into effect with an overwhelming response from the users. Bright colors like pinks, blues and yellows are prominently being used for this purpose.

4. Bright colors for icons

This is another addition to the new trends in mobile app designing technology wherein use of different vibrant colors is done to intensify icons. This results in rendering an effectual yet inspiring visual interface for the mobile users to work upon.

5. Muted colors

In order to create a balance between color scheme and mobile screen, it is advised to add more of whites and pastel in today’s mobile designs. This impressive inculcation of bright and pastel colors in app design creates illusion of perfect mobile screen, striking a balance between hardware and software.

6. Black is the new white

Yes! With a concept of proffering interface designs with minimal color usage, black tends to come up as the new color in color palette. If you are not sure of the color to go for in the initial stage of app designing, try using greys, white and black to avoid any criticism.

7. Color transitions in Gradients

Don’t be surprised if you find high-contrast gradients in your next mobile application instead of the monochromes used earlier. Mobile app designers are actively working on using an impressive approach to include bright gradients that results in creating a pleasing visual effects and user interface amidst app users.

8. Illustration

Color schemes via illustrations have leveraged mobile app design technology to a whole new level, with the use of colorful & bright palettes. It works wonders for those who are looking forward to reinvent their mobile application in the market.

These are some of the major color scheme trends influencing mobile app design technology. If you too are looking for an inspiration to start with some trendy color scheme for next mobile app, these pointers are definitely for you. Make sure you use most of them in your next mobile app design project and get hold back to experience the difference.


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