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Mobile & In-App Advertising Trends To Watch out In 2018

July 27, 2018 by Janet Scott

Since the mushrooming of the 21st century, mobile has steadily become an inevitable part of our life due to its unending applications. From surfing the net to booking a cab and from calling to click pictures, its usages are eternal. The best part over here is, mobile phones are getting more smarter day by day, and so are we.

Now, as the usage of the mobile phone has increased, so has the number of app downloads. Apps have made an unprecedented jump in the last one decade, and as projected by Statista, the Americas are projected to download 31.5 billion apps to their mobile devices in 2022.

mobile app downloads worldwide

These stats clearly highlights the unparalleled dominance of mobiles apps in the present scenario. So to rightly tap on such a money-making opportunity, digital advertising companies are looking out for new ways and methods, especially the in-app advertising.

In order to channelize the marketing needs and build an unchallenging mobile strategy, one needs to keep himself updated with all the mobile advertising trends. In this article, I have tried to shed light on the trends of in-app advertising.

Dig more downwards.

1. Video advertising ballooning

Lately, the advertisements have evolved from static banners to dynamic videos. It gives a better insight into the subject. Last year, the video stood out among all other mediums of advertisements on the mobile platform. On the Smaato, there was almost 14 percent increase in the advertisement requests as compared to the last year. The eCPM (effective cost per mille) for the mobile video also witnessed a significant jump of over 70 percent from 2016 to 2017.

video advertising

2. User-oriented content

The days are long gone when advertising agencies used to craft a common advertisement campaign for every domain. With users getting more smarter, there is a certain need for customized content. Also, due to the ever-growing tussle, the consumer is paying less attention to generic advertisements.

This has forced the curators to craft more personalized advertisement campaigns, and for this, there is a need for customer engagement and surveys to blend personal touch.

3. Reliance on cross-device campaigns

Due to the availability of multiple gadgets to access the internet, the advertisers have to take care of all the platforms. Some of these include mobile, desktop, tablets, smart TV, wearables and much more. But in between all these, the mobile standouts.

Cross-device Campaign

It offers the freedom to the marketers and advertisers to reach them wherever they are and provides a better solution to capture targeted consumers. This year also, the companies are buckling up to juggle between the app and the Web landscape rightly.

4. Spurt in in-app spending

As we know, people are spending much of their time on mobile, so it becomes mandatory for the advertising companies to invest in this platform only.  As per Statista, by 2020, mobile apps are forecast to generate around 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. In another report by comScore, mobile users spend nearly 88 percent of their smartphone time in-app, which is more than the average time spent on mobile browsers.

in-app spending

Though there is not much reliance on shopping on mobile, still most of us prefer to search for an item from our mobile devices only, which calls more engagement of ads. This will ultimately lead to more in-app spending.

5. Bar-on cookie tracking

If you know about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you must have got the hint, what I am talking about. If not, let me move further. Due to heightened privacy concerns, the government bodies and the software development companies are taking tough calls on data tracking through cookies. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is already taking a toll on the cookie tracking technology, which is forcing the advertisement companies to revamp their plans and strategies to hit the consumers.

6. Focus on consumer-preferred categories

Now it’s crystal clear that apps dominate many parts of our daily life. Right from starting the day with the alarm to a reminder about the essential documents to be carried to the office and then from using the navigational app to taking a peek-a-boo of your place, everything is on your fingertips through apps.

Consumer-Preferred Categories

But different areas have different preferences, and based upon it, the mobile advertising companies should know about the most popular apps and which category is more in demand

In the last quarter of last year, the ‘Style & Fashion’ app category stood first on the Smaato platform in terms of advertisement requests, followed by ‘Hobbies & Interests, “Technology & Computing,’ and more.

7. Rise of AR

AR (Augmented reality) is one of the rewarding innovation of humankind. It let us go beyond the conventional boundaries and create something unique. And due to its wide applications, its market share is on the constant rise. According to Soldamatic, AR is expected to have 1 billion users by 2020 and device market figure of AR will reach $659.98 million by next year.

Rise Of AR

With such an explosion of growth, the use of AR tech is bound to get drawn towards mobile marketers. By physically inserting the object into the consumer’s environment, the mobile advertising companies can penetrate better into their minds.

The Upshot

The mobile advertising trends are all about content personalization, irrespective of the platform. For mobiles, it all depends on the target audience and their preferences. The marketers will accordingly craft the tactics and try to engage more consumers.

Due to the user focus more on apps, the mobile advertising offers marketers more scope for producing more effective marketing campaigns. All the pointers mentioned in this article are going to impact the mobile advertising trends in one or the other way.

With videos taking the front seat and AR rapidly becoming the top choice, the transformation will be there. So to go hand-in-hand, marketers will have to adapt themselves to monetize on such changes. It will further help the mobile marketers to expand their reach.


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