Mobile Ad Networks that are Suitable for App Monetization

Mobile Ad Networks that are Suitable for App Monetization

November 21, 2016 by Appdexa

There are a wide range of mobile ad networks that works for app monetization of your mobile applications. But, selecting the right one among these mobile ad networks is not an easy task in hand. These ad networks often claim to be better than others just on the basis of their ability to serve the right apps to the right people at the right time. Moreover, the various ad networks will work better with certain types of mobile ads, with the factors like structure, target audience and traffic under consideration.

A profitable monetization strategy will ensure that a steady revenue is generated, choosing of course the mobile ad network that is best suited for brand engagement. The ads served by the specific ad network must be able to work well with your mobile app. App analytics and control panels are the additional services offered by some of the distinct networks. All these ad networks do something that is superior to others. So comparison of their strengths and weaknesses, deals are not sufficient means of deciding on which of the mobile ads network are suitable for your purpose.

The process of finding the best suited mobile ad network suitable for app monetization is made much easier, when we know about the best of the mobile ad networks for brand engagement and these are :


If your mobile application requires the delivery of innovative high-definition pre-roll videos, then AdColony is the right mobile ad network, irrespective of the device quality and the internet speed of the mobile user. Rich selection and ad quality will lead to higher customer engagement. It also has a premium version, that offers app monetization solutions, thereby providing well-targeted responsive audiences. The ad network achieves higher conversion rates,  targeting the users with demographics and geographic data.  Lower CPM rates and mandatory videos before exiting from the apps and these are some of the reported complaints against this ad network.


This is a full stack mobile SSP, with an Ad Server. It is able to produce business critical revenue stream. The autopilot feature will lead to automatic optimization of ad revenue sources with no need to manually control the prioritization of mobile ad networks. Direct deals are enhanced with refined app monetization strategy, with Fyber’s solution managing features.

Lead Bolt

It is capable of dealing with premium ads. It is an ad network that works with dynamic ad delivery and partner match technology. It supports mobile ad types like rewarded videos, banners and native ads. All three campaign types are manageable like CPC, CPI and CPM.


This is a tool ideal for the beginners of the mobile industry. It is simple to use and is not that aggressive in nature. Google’s mobile ad network has a range of tools and solutions for serving promotion and advertisement purposes, rated as one of the topmost choice for app monetization. The publishers and the advertisers will be connected with well targeted ads, generating higher profits. The drawback is exceptional fill rates, although providing lesser revenue generation. The best solution lies in combining another ad network along with AdMob, taking an advantage of higher revenue generation through the other platform. It also boasts of higher fill rates.

Millennial Media

Various deals are provided by these ad networks to the mobile developers in the form of advertising services as well as publishing and promotional services. It has research data and intelligence features. The mobile ad network is a marketplace for the advertiser’s fight for the publisher’s ad space inventory, based on category. Cross promotion of apps is also made possible by the publishers. These type of flexible features makes this network suitable for the right combination of advertising for mobile apps as well as app monetization.

Target audiences decide the app that is chosen. It is also possible for a better performance of certain countries, with direct deals with companies and brands. The app is allowed for a specific period and the performance of the mobile ad networks is monitored, ensuring the highest levels of CPM rates and boosting the app revenue.


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