Mistakes That App Development Companies & Developers Must Avoid

Deadly Mistakes That Harm Entire Mobile App Development Architect

August 3, 2017 by Janet Scott

Whether you are an inspiring developer, owner of a Mobile App Development Company or a freelancer, you can never afford mistakes in your apps. Such mistakes can have a huge negative impact on the overall architect of your mobile app development procedure. And, we are pretty sure, you are just not ready to head towards that direction.

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With the ever advancing technology, the designing architect of mobile apps has changed a lot. Now there are lots of new concepts that mobile app developers are embracing today. At one hand, where these new concepts have got the potential of adding more to the designing, even a subtle mistake, on the other hand, may result in a huge loss that may also occur in the form of declined mobile app audience. For app developers, it is much better to avoid these goofs.

Note on the Deadly Mistakes that You May Commit:

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Mistake 1 # App Performance Not Up to the Mark

A recent survey by Appdexa claims that nearly 44% users are not likely to browse through an application that has a poor performance. They may either delete the app or abandon its usage further. This may rate your app down with negative reviews in the app store. The elements of a poor app performance may be one or all of the following mentioned below:

  • The app crashes all the time.
  • It drains the device battery immediately.
  • The application uses too much device memory.
  • It slows responsiveness.

App Performance

In case, your app has these elements, it is sure to be the victim of poor performance.

Mistake 2 # Lack in the Research About Targeted Audience

If you don’t know which dish your targeted audience likes, you are definitely not an excellent chef! And, that’s not admirable at all. A market research about the targeted audience is the required spice that you need to add to your dish so as to grab user’s attention. It thus requires you to do:

  • A thorough market research.
  • A research to find out what your audience wants.
  • A survey for knowing what the competitors are serving to the audience.

Mistake 3 # Don’t Take the Path Already Travelled

Many mobile app development companies find it the best practice to design their applications similarly an app was designed earlier. It is true that the app has already gained success but there is no guarantee that you will repeat the history. Hence, there is no point in considering the development of such an app, the idea of which has already been popularized.

Mistake 4 # Not Developing For Different Platforms

A number of developers commit mistakes by not developing the apps for different platforms. By saying this, we do not mean to say that you should develop apps for every specific platform like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc. The smart way is to consider hybrid app development.

Hybrid Apps

Signing Off

The mobile industry is growing at a lightning speed and providing equal benefits to the mobile app development companies. In order to gain the maximum share of benefit, it is important for all these companies as well as app developers to keep all the above-mentioned points in the minds.


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