Missouri State Highway Patrol Introduced MSHP App for Public

Missouri State Highway Patrol Introduced MSHP App for Public Safety

June 2, 2016 by Eric Miller

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) released a new app on May 19, 2016, that is very versatile and makes interactions with the public with MSHP very convenient and easy. This app is free and can be downloaded on Android and Apple phones.

While announcing the release, Colonel J. Bret Johnson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, stated that the app is relevant in today’s world with technology being a big part of our lives and that MSHP’s initiative in social media will help them better serve the public. “The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s long tradition of service and protection has included community policing. A personal relationship with those we serve is important to us,” said Colonel Bret Johnson.

The public can use this app to send and receive information quickly. Troopers can be informed about crime tips and contacted easily in emergencies by the public. The public, in turn, can receive information on highway conditions, traffic, and road closures through news and alerts.

The app incorporates several convenient features for the public and for enforcement officers. This include alerts, emergency line, location information, crime tip, and photo tip, see something, thanks a trooper, careers, information resources, news feed and a few additional features.


Useful Features:

  • Alerts: The public can receive alerts about important activities in their area including information on traffic, road closures and crime. In criminal cases and Amber Alerts, timely information is critical. The public having been informed of these threats can avoid going to these affected areas and stay away from harm.

  • Emergency Line: The emergency button gives users instant access to the MSHP Emergency line when help is needed.

  • Locations: The locations button on the app allows users to pinpoint their exact location anywhere in Missouri in the case of emergencies. Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, web pages and directions to the station are provided to users.

  • Crime Tip: Provides the public with a way to send crime tips from their mobile phones. Users can tip the MSHP anonymously about a crime or the sighting of a person from the wanted list.

  • Photo Tip: This feature allows users to take a photograph of the incident and send it to the MSHP along with relevant information.

  • See Something: This function allows the users to record details of the suspicious activity or event so that they can remember some of the details that are important for the MSHP to respond.

  • Thank a Trooper: This feature allows users to share with MSHP their experiences with a trooper and place on record any appreciation of the help provided. There’s another section that allows users to connect to the memorial of tributes paid to troopers, who gave their lives in the line of duty to their community.

  • Careers: A tab provides users with information about jobs and career opportunities available with the MSHP.

  • Information Resources: There are resources such as Driver Examination with digital copies of the Missouri Driver Guide, the Commercial Driver License Manual and Motorcycle Operator Manual

  • News Feed: News releases from the MSHP website are quickly accessible with a simple click.

Other features include weather updates and there’s even a sex offender registry.

The initial response to the app has been very encouraging. To download the app, users have to select “public access”. No password is needed. The app is free. MSHP urges the public to use the app responsibly and avoid using it while driving as this can lead to accidents. The responsible way is to park the car at a safe place while using the app.


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