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Low Code Mobile App Development Platforms – Know Top Rated Ones

June 7, 2017 by Mike Davis

Low code mobile app development tools and methodologies are playing an important role in the ever-changing mobile ecosystem. This ever-changing ecosystem is now watching a constant surge in the number of non-programming citizens. And these citizens want nothing but such platforms that could make the coding jobs easy for them. All thanks to the continuous development in the technology that we have tools today to make the coding easier.


These tools have got certain names right from rapid-application development to low code and even no code. But the typical function of all these tools involves model-driven development, wizard-based workflow, point and click programming and much more to it. However, in this write-up, we are going to talk about low code mobile app development platforms and the development that has taken place lately in this direction.


Here is a comparison of the Top Three Low code Mobile App Development Platforms.


Outsystems offers an easy way to developers in order to initiate the low-coding mobile as well as web app development. With the latest version of Outsystems, developers are now able to define their data model, business logics, UIs and other such elements for mobile and web applications. The core vision of Outsystems lies in providing a platform to build better apps having exceptional speed.


With Outsystems, it becomes easy to create high-productivity applications. There are powerful tools that makes it easy to develop these apps. And the basic benefits of choosing Outsystems include the following:

  • Full-stack visual development
  • Single-click deployment



Salesforce offers app development interface to the developers that helps in case management and task management also. Salesforce also includes a well-developed system for escalating important events. The customer portal offers a number of advantages to the users also. And the most important benefit for the users include tracking their own cases.


The platform includes a service-network plugin that enables users to join a conversation related to their company. The plugin can also be used for getting information on email alerts, Google search and more. And, the benefits from the platform include:

  • Data integration
  • Platform security and Scalability



Mendix is another app development platform for enterprises. The platform is useful in order to create model-driven development of data models, UIs, Web based prototyping. And the best thing about Mendix is that it provides ready-to-use themes as well as templates, a number of page elements and great designing elements as well.


Mendix no-code modelling tool has been developed to support data-driven applications that are process-oriented too. Here are the most important of using the platform:

  • Great app architecture that enhances user expectation.
  • Openness at every level of Mobile App Development.


The Conclusion

This is all about the platform that support low-code mobile app development ecosystem. These top-rated mobile app development platforms can be used by any of the businesses that is yet to consider mobile app development.


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