Monitor unhealthy Eating Habits & Diet by a Mobile Application

Let’s Control Unhealthy Eating Habits By Technology

July 11, 2016 by Janet Scott

Technology has given humans nearly everything and so they are in demand of more, continuously working on better technologies and giving the lifestyle a better turn. Talking about the lifestyle of people going on in the present world, one can easily say that, this is not the healthiest one and we ought to get unhealthy eating habits. As in our busy schedules, we don’t have fixed time for lunch, dinner and most of us even not remember what a breakfast is.

And the same has been a problem for many developers and researchers, as the team of Drexel University researchers found a very interesting way to this problem. They developed an app and a computer game in order to control the unhealthy eating habits and to lose weight easily.

First, let’s talk about the computer game. The computer game has been designed to improve the person’s decision-making power, as our mind let us to eat a large number of unhealthy but tasty diets.

DIET DASH is the computer game we are talking about; here players have to describe their liking and disliking. In this game player, favorite list will appear on the screen. This game is likely to help the players to improve their controlling power. Players are advised to play it for eight minutes daily.

unhealthy eating habits

  • 1 If we go on facts and data there are more than 69% of adults suffering from obesity in Philadelphia .Why can’t we just lose our weight, the biggest resistance to this is our own mind? For example as soon as we get the smell of our favorite food, our mind just started bobbling around we surely want it at any cost.

  • 2 A large number of people are trying to lose their weight, by making diet plans but we really follow any diet plan, of course not. That happens to nearly everyone.

Let’s talk about the second, an app has been built to detect any failure in the diet plan i.e. it detects a person’s eating habit. As you get a slip from your plan the app will provide you the best ways to get back on it. The app can be used to have a healthy diet on a daily basis and we can also reduce our weight.

DIET ALERT is the application we have talked about. The app collects the information of the users related to their food habits. As soon as you give required details it will create a pattern and started giving you tips to have a healthy diet. It is very different from others.

  • 1 Every day you have to make your eating choice. And you have to be determined not to get any unhealthy eating habits, but it is the power of our mind that led us to move towards the side of the good taste and feel.

  • 2 Suppose when a person love to eat cold drinks and as soon as he saw them his mind quickly show an eager to have it and at the same time a little slower and weaker force within the mind will try to stop it, but it cannot be done.

According to Forman a Researcher,

  • 1 If you are doing any certain task that is involving your inhibitory control and you are performing the task repetitively then, it gets stronger with your every repetitive action.

  • 2 Forman along with the team of researchers tested the theory and found that if a person gets assigned to the exercise which can increase its control over the decision making, then they can surely get their weight off.


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