Latest Travel App for Internationals Travelers to Thailand

Latest Travel App for Internationals Travelers to Thailand

October 25, 2016 by Appdexa

The Guidebooks usually helped the travelers, for guiding them to the various travel destinations. But, in this age, when the smartphone usage is increasing by leaps and bounds, there are a whole lot of travel apps that are abundantly available for the worldwide travelers. There are apps that are available for almost everything and the travel app is for making the life of the traveler, much easier.

Destination Thailand is one such comprehensive digital and mobile travel app that will facilitate the international visitors and at the same time gives a considerable boost to the thriving domestic tourism industry in Thailand. The app is developed as a means of a joint effort between two different companies by the names of Destination Thailand News and the Capital Television Group. The third entity in the technology consortium that comes into picture is the Talisman Telecom Group, a Singapore based pioneering app development company.

In the words of Raine Grady, director of Capital TV, the target audience for this travel app are the expats and the tourists, residing in Thailand. It is an all-in-one app that portrays, what is new in terms of food, shopping, events and other forms of entertainment. Further to this, Ms Grady states that there has been a complete change of focus of people from their TV sets onto the online media. On an average, people spend about three hours of their total time, behind net surfing.  In such a scenario, the Video content is often considered as the new emerging platform and going forward this will increase as we proceed further.

Destination Thailand app actually offers a wide variety of useful information on various topics of interest, may be on meetings, conventions, exhibitions( Mice), incentives, tips and lifestyle. It gives useful insights into the broad range of travel experiences, while staying in Thailand.

Capital TV has taken the right direction in this effort to position Destination Thailand as one the best travel apps that is available in the market. Since 1995, Capital TV has produced almost 5000 hours of video footage across the several destinations in Thailand as well as the other Asian countries. It boasts of airing one of the most-viewed TV series, on travel and lifestyle, that comes with English and Thai subtitles. This gets aired on the True 345 Travel Planet and the True 364 Travel Channel, in the pay-TV platform from TrueVision and also in the YouTube.

Moreover, Destination Thailand News broadcasts the news on its website, on a wide variety latest news on Mice activities, travel, lifestyle and events. This way, it has managed to garner a 2 million online viewership per month and a worldwide subscription base of 87000 users. Stephen Norton , the CEO of Destination Thailand News says that the new travel app will top its category, in the next 8 to 12 month’s duration.

Talisman Telecom ensures that the app is well equipped with latest range of communication tools like ad pop-ups, chats, emergency calls and instant alerts.

Destination Thailand is one such travel app that caters to the needs of the expats and the international travelers, in providing more information, other than a mere tourism information. Instead of visiting the numerous travel and tourism websites, the travelers will particularly feel more interested in the recent most art, music, culture and the events that are getting conducted, only delivered by an insider. The app provides live and VOD content in the most engaging manner. The app is downloaded free, from Android and iOS based devices. It provides, not just information on travel destinations, but also provides the real-time traffic destinations.


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