Know Whether your Mobile App Idea is Fruitful or Futile

Know Whether your Mobile App Idea is Fruitful or Futile

December 22, 2016 by Appdexa

The count of apps in the app store has crossed more than 2 million; however, the number of successful apps is even less than 1 percent. It clearly shows that app developers still lack conducive ideas for creating apps.

So what are the secret steps of creating a mobile app idea that is successful vs the one that is not useful. While there are no absolute suggestions to develop a fruitful idea, considering a few suggestions could help you concentrate on an exceptional concept.

To help you determine whether your app development idea is successful or not, it is recommended to keep these suggestions in the mind.

Develop an Idea Similar to Successful App

Aligning your app development idea in sync with the apps that are already popular in app store could make you the potential winner. For example, consider the success of Whatsapp – the instant messaging app. It created success story worldwide because of the fact that it contained no ads. Users also loved the idea of getting in touch with their contacts instantly.

The simple interface and easy touch facility were the icing on the cake. While the idea of this instant messaging app was typical, the founders made vast improvement to make the user interface more intriguing.   

Keep Blending Emerging Technology

The technology in mobile app development is growing bigger and better every single day. Right from the apps that deliver entertainment to social media as well as on-demand service applications, the mobile apps are proving their worth in every possible domain. For example- Apple’s home app and HomeKit syncs with Siri and controls light, lock and other smart home devices.

Samsung is also there in the race that develops a number of smartphone home appliances. The app has been made to control refrigerator, air conditioners, washing machines and more such smart appliances.  

Work on a Freemium Model

One of the most hardest parts of developing apps is to convince the users to download them. However, introducing a free download could help you entice the users to use the app. Additionally, a freemium period will play an important role in the launch of your application.

Moreover, the most important concern is to take your app circulated in as many hands as possible. Additionally, try to reduce the issues and the frictions that are there in the application. As the number of users will increase so will the popularity of the application and this will directly make your app more popular in app store.     

Do a Research on the Marketplace

It is important to get the feel of marketplace prior to indulging in the idea of developing an application. There is no doubt that a great idea could lead you towards success but it is important to have the idea of market. The most important consideration is to have an idea of Google play store to know what’s trending.

Reviewing the app store market would help you to take notes of top paid apps. Studying  these apps would also help you conceive an idea that will help you initiate the app development. You can also gain insightful information on pricing models.

In case, your app development idea has been conceived on the points that have been listed here, you are sure to win users. A number of applications are developed and launched everyday and thus to get noticed in a crowd of millions it is important to work and utilize innovative technology.

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