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Definite Mobile App Marketing Trends

December 23, 2016 by Appdexa

App marketing is not just essential but very much crucial for the success of a mobile application. Although the app downloads are surpassing the previous download number, app abandonment is still a challenge for the developers to tackle with. The reason for abandoning any app may vary from poor UI/UX to slower browsing speed or it may be due to an unplanned marketing approach.

Whatever be the reason, the failure of an application is an ultimate loss for the respective business. Well, to survive flourishingly in the ever-competitive app development market, it requires a definite marketing plan and a superb execution of the same on a wider level. The key is to reach as much audience as possible, which would additionally need an absolute understanding of the marketing approach that are in the trends nowadays. Here is a brief discussion on definite app marketing suggestions that are in the trend.

Definite App Marketing Suggestions:

Marketing Strategy

Besides the much talked word-of-mouth marketing approach, it is extremely important to enroll your business on various social networking websites in order to devise the entire marketing strategy. Infact, before launching the social media drive, an email campaign would prove to be effective for informing users about the launch of the application.

Your social marketing drive and the email campaign should be planned strategically in order to gain maximum client exposure. A proper planning would help in outreaching clients in the global sphere easily. It is sure to provide extended limelight to the business.

Search Ads

A major number of app users install an application after searching for the same on app store. However, nearly 40% of users tend to search for app other than the one they are particularly looking for (may be under fitness, music or gaming application). Thus, it is important for your app’s success that it has a higher visibility in the app store.

Search ads easily increase the visibility of the application in the app store. It can also help in boosting the app download number as your app will appear at the right time when users are searching for other apps.

ASO or App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the technique to rank a particular app higher in the search results. For an effective ASO, It is prominent to place the main keyword in the app’s title and it must match with user’s searches. That means the keyword that users search for must match with the word placed in the title.

One of the most innovative ASO techniques is to make use of the keyword that users most frequently search with. Additionally, the description of your app should be such that it could drive more downloads.

Marketing research

Marketing research is one of the most important element to keep notice of when you are all set to launch your application in the app store. It is recommended to begin your search with trending app marketing trends. Identify the targeted audience and their needs to be fulfilled with the app to be launched.

It is also the time to decide whether you are going to offer your app for free or you are going to launch a paid version of the same. It is also the stage to determine your app monetization strategy.

The Conclusion

App marketing is the most important element that promises the success of your application. With a planned strategy and a proper marketing plan, your app is sure to add to user’s extended experience.


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