Is Hiring an App Developer Agency a Good Idea for Businesses?

Is it Worth Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency?

Why is hiring a developer company for mobile app development a wise decision?

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January 20th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

All businesses have been vying for a formidable online presence. Be it startups, small and mid-size business organizations or large corporate houses; mobile apps have become the most sought option to connect with their intended customers, both for sales and value acquisition. Thus, able app development companies are always in high demand.

As per the current market trends, ‘By 2022 annual mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion’. In fact, the Generation Z or individuals aged between 16 to 24 years tend to spend 20 percent more time on their smartphones.

They also tend to engage with their most-used apps 30 percent more often than the rest of the population. Businesses are well aware of these numbers and thus sought to engage top app development companies to help them capture maximum viewership in the mobile app markets.

Business Apps are digital assets that are not easy to make. In fact, their development inculcates several intricate and different tasks and expertise requirements. The UI/UX needs to be creative with a user-centric clarity, the app functionalities need to use top of the line technologies with butter smoothness and data collection is another important aspect amongst these tasks. Business owners and leaders are required to spend a lot of time, effort and money in each of their developments. But, is this all worth the nuances involved?

Why do businesses prefer to hire mobile app development company?

Every business does not have a mobile app. It has been noticed that due to its fund requirements or some other reasons, many small businesses are unable to or chose to avoid mobile app development.

But, more than 70% businesses with more than 50 employees tend to go in for hiring a developer; be it an app developer agency or a freelancer. Let us now analyze the reasons that have led most of the business leaders to outsource mobile app development requirements to app development companies:

  • Experience:

Business Leaders value ‘experience’. The major reason that most entrepreneurs choose to hire mobile app development agency, is their experience of working with several kinds of technologies, in varied situations and challenges. Since, all top mobile app development companies have worked on several kinds of app developments and deployments, on their respective platforms; they are well aware of the intricacies involved in the process. For instance: the play store for androids and the apple store for iOS devices have completely unique sets of guidelines, tools, frameworks and other requirements for app development.

There are various ways and technologies through which a requisite app functionality can be offered to the app users. The experienced team of dedicated app developers in an app development company, are well aware of these options and may guide an app owner correctly about the positives and negatives of each. For instance, not every business requires an app, both on the android as well as the iOS store. An experienced mobile app development firm may guide a business against launching an app on the iOS store, if most of its intended customers cannot afford an iPhone.

  • A Dedicated Team of Varied Skill Set

Since mobile app development is their major source of income, all app development agencies employ software experts from varied technologies and specializations. So, when a business leader chooses to opt for an app development company, he or she chooses to work with all technology experts. For instance: if a business owner plans to develop a VR based app for its growth, he or she would have to find a UI designer, UX strategist, data specialist, content specialist, VR expert, amongst others. When they choose to hire a mobile app developers company, they get all this at one place.

Moreover, these field experts are experienced in working as a team and are well aware of the complete development process. When a company chooses to hire freelancers, their synchronization and communication issues can open up a whole pandora’s box of development difficulties.

An application development agency also tends to stay updated with the evolving technologies and frameworks in terms of toolkit availability. So, the entrepreneur does not have to look out and pay for additional software tools and platforms, apart from their experts.

  • In Line with Budget

Different companies have different budgets and development scales for their apps. When a company chooses to hire freelance or in-house app developers, these individuals tend to not pay heed to these constraints. Employees tend to research and work on apps requirements for prolonged periods, leading to extended salary payments and technology tool requirements. As against this, all mobile App development companies tend to provide a price quote at the onset of the work requirement itself. A smart business leader always chooses an app development company that can work as per their budget. These companies tend to stick to the set prices, as that is what the customer shall pay; technologies, services, efforts, time, all included.

No cost escalations can be made without expressive permissions from the app owner. So, the project with an app development agency tends to stay in line with budget requirements.

  • Technology Partners

When a company looks to hire dedicated mobile app developers for their projects, they are not looking for individuals who would do a task and leave. In fact, they are on a lookout for a like minded team that would add value to their digital assets in the form of a reliable technology partner. After all upkeep and maintenance of an app is also required after development. A mobile application development agency that has once delivered a successful app for a company, tends to become the first point of choice and reference for other upcoming digital projects of the company.

When should Companies Hire In-house Developers?

Most of the small businesses, do not or cannot afford to get a mobile app developed by a dedicated mobile app development company, as the charges and price quotes are way too high. This is also the reason why nearly one-third of small businesses (30%) with only 1 employee say they do not have a mobile app and are unlikely to have one in the future as well.

Medium and Small businesses that can afford a mobile app tend to find inhouse app development a better option. In fact close to 50% of small businesses spend less than $25,000 to design, launch, and build their mobile apps. Usually, it has been found that these companies designate or hire an in-house team with salaries to develop a mobile app.

These individual experts are aware of the work processes and are in direct touch with the real business team on a daily basis. With several easy to use technology tools available online, they tend to easily develop simple mobile apps.

Do you know that there are more than 200 DIY app development platforms available online that can easily help in creation of simple mobile and web apps? These platforms:

  • Do not require specific coding languages, protocols or for that matter any code.
  • Include pre-set templates to choose from
  • Include app features with drag and drop ease.
  • Have inclusions to develop for varied platforms like cross platform development, desktops, etc.

Moreover, these platforms are vey pocket friendly for the app owners. Though, these platforms can enable businesses to easily develop an app; it is advised not to compromise on app quality and budget as it is a long term digital asset. For companies, that cannot afford expensive app development companies; these platforms are a boon.

In fact, more and more businesses and business leaders who are good with simple function apps; are opting for one of the two above stated app development options.

When should you Outsource App Development to Freelancers?

If a small business is on a lookout to develop a simple mobile app; outsourcing app development to individual mobile app developers may be their best bet. Freelancers are again remote app development experts who work individually from their preferred locations. In fact, some of these locations may actually be overseas, in countries wherein the technologists may work on lower income bands. But then, they again have their own set of issues:

  • Communication may get hindered
  • Difference of market and user mindset understandings
  • Difference of Understanding, on the whole; amongst others.

In order to avoid these issues and their related circumstances later, it is advisable for businesses to opt for designated app development companies.


The above stated work, project and company requirements do not set any standard rules or mandate a company to choose an app development company, an in house developer or a DIY platform for their mobile app development. We truly believe that each company is unique, with a unique set of requirements, goals, teams, technologies, backgrounds and expectations. So, its business leaders also tend to have a unique mindset and approach towards work propositions. We herein hope to present a set of guidelines that can help you set a roadmap in order to successfully develop a mobile app.

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