Internet of Things Applications: The Technique is Reshaping The World

IoT Today and Tomorrow: Three Ways The Technique is Reshaping The World

September 1, 2017 by Eric Miller

IoT is one of the techniques that is continually expanding the scope for mobile app development companies to create innovation in their field. The idea behind this continuous expansion is to establish an interrelated connection among devices, smartphones, and computers. Internet of Things is changing the world at a lightening speed.

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IoT enabled devices allow a 24*7 connectivity. The all-day long connectivity has thus played an important role to take the users into a virtual world that is dominated by machines of course as per the users’ directions. This digital innovation has thus helped taking the users closer to the machine. IoT makes it possible to deploy machines as a medium to get a host of tasks accomplished through automated assistance. Let’s now take a tour together to notice the changes IoT is bringing into mobile app development companies.

IoT And The Big Data

IoT offers innovative techniques as well as a host of ways to analyze the huge chunk of information through the cloud. Big Data, on the other hand, is a celebrated technique for a number of mobile app development companies. It helps them keep safe the data that companies generate on a regular basis. Amalgamation of both of these techniques thus holds strong potential to change the ways IoT app development companies handle their data.

IoT In Wearables

There is no denial of the fact that IoT is a visionary technique. And, the demand of wearables has given a whole new spectrum to companies such as Google, Samsung, Amazon, and Dell to invested hugely in this technique. Wearables have majorly covered health, fitness and entertainment sector alike offering a whole new range of devices to the users.

IoT For Streamlined E-commerce Transactions

There is nothing like Streamlined Transaction for the payment industry. E-commerce is now a data driven world wherein a frictionless transaction can be the cause for a user to opt in for frequent transactions. The example of IoT for streamlined transactions includes embedding IoT technology in Beacons, Bluetooth, and computers to make it easier for the users to pay for the services.

IoT in E-commerce

IoT Insights

  • ATMs are the first objects to have IoT way back in 1974.
  • The number of IoT connected object by the end of 2020 is going to be 50 billion.
  • IoT will contribute majorly to connect home appliances.
  • By the end of 2020, there will be a quarter of a billion vehicles connected through IoT mechanism.
  • Google’s ambitious self-driving cars are the best example of IoT we have till date.

The Upshot

IoT has become a prominent technique for mobile app development companies. And, the continuous expansion of Internet of Things is offering exceptional opportunities to these company to create technological innovation.


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