Mobile App Development Cycle Infographic, Process From Start to the End

Info-graphic : How Mobile App Development Cycle Progresses

July 17, 2017 by Eric Miller

It is of course an idea that gets evolved into an exceptional mobile application. While an idea is transformed into a mobile application, it goes under the entire mobile app development cycle. There are a number of processes that developers follow while developing an idea into functional mobile application. Be it the initial planning, the strategy, the development phase or the designing, the entire mobile app development cycle is a long procedure, a glimpse of which is shown here by Appdexa through this informative infographic.

A Note on Process From Start to the End :

The Research Phase

For ensuring that your idea has never been used, do research if,

  • Any such application is there similar to your app idea
  • Which elements differentiate your application

The Discovery Phase

Ensure your app stands out in a crowd of millions of apps by analyzing:

  • It is a unique application in terms of functionality
  • It answers all the 5 W’s (what, where, why, who, when)
  • It has got an awesome monetization plan (in app purchases options)
  • It follows a definite methodology (waterfall, agile etc.)

Mobile App Development Cycle

The Design Phase

Through your designing infrastructure ensure that your app:

  • Has user engagement elements
  • Has impressive interface
  • Is having exceptional database design

The Development Phase

Development includes a number of tasks and thus it is important to:

  • Create the prototype
  • Ensuring the testing
  • Reviewing all the changes implemented

The App Release

In order to remain successful in your app release practices, create:

  • A well developed marketing plan
  • An exceptional app marketing
  • Social promotion on different channels

Extended Support

Companies do offer extended support and maintenance by:

  • Providing prolonged support
  • Keep on updating the new changes
  • Periodic maintenance


The mobile app development cycle is a prolonged process that goes from a series of phases. All these phases must be performed exceptionally-well so that the outcome brings the best result to the clients. In case, you own an app development company that has an exceptional reputation, ensure you follow all the procedures that have been described here.


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