Incredible iOS Features that Android Apps Still Lack

Incredible iOS Features that Android Apps Still Lack

February 6, 2017 by Appdexa

Amid the race of iPhone app development vs Android application development, the former seems more dynamic owing to all the recent features that have been unveiled in the new Apple 7 series. There are a number of such factors that takes iPhone series to a whole different level from the Android devices.

Both of these operating systems are exceptional when it comes to using them for mobile application. However, iOS has got some benefits over the Android and with the same reason a number of users are switching to the iPhones now. Well, the victor of any one of the operating systems cannot be predicted over the another. However, this write-up is going to talk precisely about the benefits users have while using the iPhone.

The scope of innovation in both of these operating systems is continually increasing. The technology that has been utilized in both the arena seems to be a promising one, which is another reason not to declare the win of any one of these platforms. As we are going to talk about the benefits iOS holds for users, we will be talking more about the iPhone.

Right from the simplicity of usages for the users to possessing a single interface for the developers, iPhone is just exceptional as an operating system for both the users as well as for the developers. Additionally, iOS is also stable unlike Android and this makes the former a bit more promising too.

Here are other beneficial points in support of iOS.

A platform that is simple to use

Interface for Android differs with the type of device that developers use, which is of course not the case with iPhone. Although the same reason makes customization a cakewalk for developers when working with Android. iOS, on the other hand, is somewhat stable and there is no requirement of additional interface to make it fancy. The drag and drop search menu is another functionality that boosts up the overall Apple iPhone performance.

Invulnerable security features

iOS is way better than Android when it comes to security features. In iOS devices, the best utilization of the hardware and software tools is made in order to embed exceptional security features. On the other hand, the functionality for Android is quite versatile, which creates the room for the security vulnerability. Apple’s functionality, on the other hand, is not as widespread as the Android and thus the breach in the security with Apple devices is a bit tricky.

A delighted experience for the users

iOS developers are increasing the in app functionality in order to increase the user’s experience with the related device. Having a proper tree pattern navigation adds more to the delight of the users. With the same, more and more stress is given to expand the functionalities so that the end users can be delighted. iOS has already got an effective design and has already made a buzz with the same.


Among all the benefits that have been discussed here, an additional one is better device compatibility. Although iOS has got these many points of benefits, it is still in the race of becoming much more user centric. The operating system is continually getting expanded so that users could benefit with the same.

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