Increased Mobile App Engagement By the App Developers

Increased Mobile App Engagement By the App Developers

December 5, 2016 by Appdexa

The mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives, for all the smartphone and tablet users. As a consequence, the businesses are driving towards increasing customer engagement, thereby ensuring enhanced revenue for the business. This objective is served by the ad revenues of the mobile app or the in-app purchases.

Consumers are expected to have an expenditure of $ 10.1 billion dollars towards the mobile apps in 2020. The companies are continuously thriving to boost the app engagement, for making the users come back to them.

Mobile app engagement is an intrinsic part of the development cycle followed by the mobile app developers and helps to fulfill the app goals, so as to ensure success for the subsequent phases of monetization and retention.

A recent prediction states that the global mobile market will reach a gross revenue figure of $ 51 billion in 2016 alone and will further reach a whopping amount of $ 101 billions by 2020, applicable to all the App Stores.

The publishing of apps is becoming a hugely competitive matter. All these apps, in Google Play Store or any other App Stores are fiercely competing with each other for engaging the same customers.

The app publishers are trying hard to make their respective apps stand out among this crowd. They are concentrating a lot of their efforts in building brand loyalty. Real-time personalization is what is needed for building customer loyalty and increases revenue per user.

Here are Some of the key Steps for Sustainable User Experience:

Recognizing the Unique Behaviours of the App Users

Value is added to the mobile apps, not only through the rewards and offers of loyalty programs, but also compelling content that exhibits the value added, in terms of data invested and time for the apps. The idea is to analyze the behaviour of the app user and bring those customers into the purview, beyond the loyalty programs. There are three key components for fulfilling the objective are user profiles, key performance indicators and collection of the data.

The consumption of the content is shown through the user profile, relating information on the purchases made and the corresponding time taken. Retention rate, usage, revenue per user are some of the performance indicators.

Analyzing the Collected Data

The app publishers will be able to extract further information on the app users such as the content for user engagement, tracking where to focus on the further development efforts. The app publishers will analyze the data, on the basis of the data points collected by the key performance indicators. They must try to understand the customer’s motivational factors by the methods that leads to identification of patterns.  

Personalized Engagement of the App

The analyzed data need to be put into use. Personalized content through user journeys are delivered with the smarter marketing experiences through these user-centric apps.

Rules based on the consumer behaviour can lead to pushing personalized messaging, promoting the apps. This is for customer engagement as well as retention of the customers. A/B testing is a quite useful in the understanding the consumer perception. Customization of the user experience is also encouraged by consumer behaviour.

Maximizing Retention and Loyalty

Building loyalty, is what is needed for retention  of the existing customer base, above the personalized user experiences. We talk about critical impacts that enhances engagement, encouraging in-app purchases and lead to the re engagement of users. It is the high value users who contribute towards the app success.

The stickiness of the apps is based on mobile app engagement and retention, for ensuring a highly successful app. App engagement will help to increase the average lifetime value(LTV) and thereby increasing the app revenue.


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