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Techies App Will Help During Haj Emergencies

August 11, 2016 by Eric Miller

During Haj about hundreds of thousands of people (Muslims) gather to show their faith and submission to God but this is also the time when a lot of people either dies due to accidents like a stampede or are disconnected from their groups.

During such times it becomes hard for the people who don’t know the Arabic language to find the people of their mutual understanding or call for help and thus hopelessly land into a situation where they become completely helpless.


After clearly examining the seriousness of the situation and spending 4 Lakhs on the research, Mr. Sheik Abdullah, a quality control engineer from Hyderabad who has been working at Mecca and knows everything about such emergency situations that prevail there every year has come up with an Android application called “Huji app”. The basic motto with which the app has been designed is to help the pilgrims who are unaware about the Arabic languages to call for help during the emergency situations.

The idea to design such app came into Abdullah’s mind after watching the plight of the pilgrims during a crane crash at Mecca killing 110 people and a stampede which took about 700 innocent lives. Networks were also jammed for 72 hours which rendered people roam hopelessly in search for help. The scenario was very painful as a lot were disconnected from their own groups and did not know any Arabic. So I decided to make such an app that can facilitate communication between people to go for helping each other during such situations” said Abdullah (source:  Deccan Chronicles)

The Key Features of this App are:

1: The “May I help you” option:  

This is included in the app to assist the users as well as the Saudi Arabian government to immediately go for providing help to the needy ones. The government deploys about 1 lakh police officers in the ratio of 1 to 50 people , 2500 health care members and 5,000 volunteers to ensure the safety to everyone. This feature lets others know about where the staff for their help is present with their respective GPS locations.

2: “Need Doctor’s help”

This feature will provide you the details and locations of the doctors nearby you during Haj. This has been included to take care of the people having heart related/ breathing problems. Due to over-crowdedness people become most vulnerable to these problems and this feature takes care of it.

So, basically this app created more helping hands for the pilgrims at Haj because according to the government, now 50000 i.e. 1% of the crowd would also be helping you during such accidents apart from it’s own government staff. Mr. Abdullah started this project in September last year and after gaining data and details from the government and Mecca Authorities in just 3 months; he started working on this being assisted by a startup.

Now this is the only app on the play store that is related to the Haj assistance and is the first independent app which topped the list 24 hours after it was launched. It has provided enough motivation to make such more applications as well.


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