How to Promote Your App on Social Media for Maximum Affectivity

20 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost an App Business

Necessary inclusions for a social media marketing plan.

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January 11th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

Social Media is not mere entertainment or a mode for people to connect with their friends, family and loved ones (the real reason it was initially meant for!). It is the platform to voice opinions, post updates, raise voices, host campaigns, wish your loved ones, shop, and whatnot!

So, not utilizing this platform to reach out to your eminent customer base, would be a huge marketing mistake that you simply cannot afford.

Analyzing the outreach of Social Media Marketing Applications

We begin by understanding how important it is to promote app on social media these days.

Do you know that recently, Social Media platforms like Facebook,etc. had been charged with the blames of influencing votes and outcomes during US and Indian elections. If they can change the mindset and choice of a President or Prime-minister elect of the largest democratic nations of the world, you can well imagine the prowess that these digital platforms yield.

Basically, social media is everywhere. More than half the world population is subscribed to social media platforms already.

social media marketing strategies

As per global statistics, ‘90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users already’ and tend to actively spend a good 3 to 4 hours on them on a daily basis. This is also the most suitable time for marketing your mobile app, as the users are most probably not focussed on work in these hours.

How to market an app on social media

Social Media is the hub of all customers and so you too are sure to find the ones interested in your app products and services too.

You would just have to analyze and enumerate the following social media marketing strategies, within your marketing plan to ensure maximum outreach:

1. Prepare beforehand

Your social media marketing strategies should not start with the launch of your app; rather it should begin with the inception of your business ideas itself.

  • You should try and create social media handles for the prospective development of your mobile app, as soon as you begin thinking about its development. Herein, you will have to find handle names that are in direct link with your kind of products, services or industry or a brand name that you would like to promote.
  • Also ensure that you regularly post (twice a week or so!) about your industry, or your idea or some other pep talk (if possible, in relation to your business idea), to organically develop a following. This is imperative to any social media plan.
  • Create a list or group of your known people of these followers as well as your other connections on social media. You should include your family, friends, colleagues, everybody in your social media plan.
    Give them an outview of your mobile app idea and look for reactions.

This will help you get a clear insight about the viability of your mobile app idea. It will also provide you with data about user expectations and requirements that you can utilize to evolve your product or service.

2. Engage

This is the most organic and important aspect of social media marketing strategies. You, as an app owner will have to look for ways to connect with and engage your users.

Let them know that you have a solution for their problem in the form of your mobile app!

Create interactive and vibrant posts that might help you connect with your audience individually, as well as at large. This is imperative for the success of small business apps as well as large corporates. You could even keep them posted with the progress of the development of your app.

P.S: Marketing your app on Social Media is not very tough. But it would take all the creativity on your part and provide a clear market and business vision in return.

3. Try Connecting with Influencers

There are various subscribers and handles on social media that tend to share their ‘mindsets’ across various topics, businesses, lifestyle aspects,etc. who also tend to have a dedicated follower base of subscribers on social media. These are the ‘social media influencers’. Influencers already have their engaged and receptive audience. Social media influencer marketing helps transform these ‘influencer-audience’ into mobile app users.

In between other app marketing plans; you should try and connect with influencers and rope them in to say something about your mobile app to their followers. It could provide a great boost to your social media plan.

4. Paid Ads are a must

Till the time, you do not organically grow your viewership; you should look to post paid ads to ‘be seen’.

Most social media platforms enable app advertisements with app installs. Using them to attract a large audience, should always be part of your social media marketing strategies.

Herein, you don’t just have to post ad hoc ads on social media. A lot of marketer analysis goes into this part of social media plan. Social media platforms, like Facebook utilize several complex algorithms to track data and provide businesses a complete dashboard with insightful user information about how and when your ads must be posted for maximum effectiveness. They help you target your paid ad posts as per your user’s age, gender, location and other demographics. For instance, they would even let you know what time of the day should you post ads and for which user sector, in order to gain maximum exposure.

Also remember that, there are many organizations whose organic rankings on social media pages have declined overtime. So, to get featured on your intended user’s social media profiles; the easiest way is through paid advertising.

5. Blogging

Most social media users like reading interesting content. You can leverage these users by posting interesting content on your blogs and then posting blog links on your social media handles.

This can develop into one of your long term social media marketing strategies. To organically promote app on social media, you will have to give a reason to your readers to come back to you again and again and engaging blogs herein could be the best reason. These blog posts could include links to download your mobile app after launch.

To utilize blogging as an intrinsic part of your social media plan, you would have to look for professional bloggers and content creators who understand the user, what they wish to read and what they might create that would enable them to download your mobile app.

6. Raising your voice on Quora

Quora is one of the best question-answering platforms out there, that enables creation of easy and interactive content.

As per reports, Quora already has a list of more than 400,000 topics on which question and answered are based. To find one related to your social media marketing plan, won’t be rocket science.

Quora relies on a credit-based upvote system So, your users might upvote your questions and read your solutions as well. The platform provides far-reaching organic viewership.

7. Create Video

Videos are the new intrinsic language of ‘content’. So, you have to make them a part of your social media marketing plan.

how to promote an app on social media

Its viewership and thus, its effect as an imminent marketing tool is increasing by the day.

Word has it that an image speaks a 100 words and a few seconds of video content can speak more than a thousand words. Since, videos tend to easily tell a story and leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind, including video content for your app is a no-brainer.

For your social marketing campaign, you should definitely have a demo video that exactly explains the utility and working of your app. This video should be clear and concise with a perfected UI/UX. Remember that a good demo video will not only help you to promote app on social media but also help your app rank better on their respective app stores through app store optimization (ASO).

You could also create and post smaller videos explaining one functionality of your app at a time and the industry gap it fulfills. They could become interesting viewership content during the development of your app idea. You could even have your app developer say some good words about your app.

8. Host positive User Reviews

User reviews will provide your mobile app, the most critical image in terms of what all you have done wrong and what needs to change or improve. Whatever, they may say; reviews are always good as the positive ones promote downloads and negative reviews help you understand app development mistakes that you could rectify.

promote app on social media

Most users nowadays check online reviews of products and services they tend to purchase as well as apps they wish to download.

Positive reviews actually prove loud and clear that your app actually does what it says and has been helpful for users elsewhere. They help other users to trust your business app as well as your brand. They are also helpful for app store optimization.

So, creating posts that highlight user reviews on app stores, websites or other platforms could be an innovative way of showcasing user’s trust on your mobile apps for social media marketing.

9. Utilizing social media marketing app as per their market scope

For maximum effectiveness, plan marketing your mobile app in a manner, it effectively reaches the users you intend to reach.

Remember, that the best apps for social media marketing including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat have their own types of content and effective audience outreach and your social media marketing business plan should try include their content in these formats only (the effective no. of posts also differs for each of them!). For instance: Instagram is based upon attractive images and visuals.

Keep the following pointers in mind:

  1. Facebook enables creation of a stronger follower base: With various posts, blogpost, articles, write-ups, images and video options to post; facebook enables creation of a strong community wherein you can easily offer discounts, bonus points and other options.With the highest user base and reach, it has developed as the most prominent platform for all social media marketing strategies.
  2. Instagram requires visuals: Effective instagram marketing would require you to post images and videos with aesthetics that would pique user interest, as it is a platform with less words. Also, you would have to post several times a day (with effective hashtags for related discussions) to ensure effectiveness.
  3. Effective ‘conversations’ are key for Twitter: Twitter posts allow only 280 characters at a time. But, this number has proven effective in clearly stating what one wishes to say and initiate communication for business. You should try initiating the same within your follower base with requisitre hashtags and images, multiple times a day. The platform is a great option for user acquisition.

Effective following on these handles will ensure you growth in viewership and sales as well as an organic growth of your business.

10. User Generated Content

You do not have to always be the ‘creator of the content’ to promote app on social media. Once you have built a social media community and app base, you could let them speak for you.

You could be the ‘initiator’, and let your users and those who have downloaded your app, to create content for you in the form of words on your app.

For instance, you could inspire them to send in videos on how they found the user experience of your app or how it helped them in their daily lives. As more than 90% of users are known to listen to their peer recommendations, this content would help you acquire new users by initiating trust within your business, leading to more downloads and sales.

11. You could create and run ‘contests’

This is a ‘traditional’ way of marketing any product or service on launch, yet it is effective even now.

You could choose to run a ‘contest’ or a question-answer campaign that would enable you to attract your intended user’s attention and lead them on making app downloads. Offering them freebies, bonus points or some other loyalty options; could further enhance its effectiveness. It would incentivize them to at least give your mobile app a chance.

12. Finding ‘early adopters’

Apart from facebook and Twitter, there are several other online platforms that can help you find early adopters who might be ready to try and converse about your just-launched mobile apps. Presenting your app on these platforms could be a great social media marketing strategy as well.

Platforms like ‘Product hunt’, ‘Betalist’ and ‘BetaPages’ are some of them. These platforms have a huge following (they specialize in technology enthusiasts) who are always ready to ‘engage’ and interact about new incoming products, services and their business ideas.

13. Find your ‘online directories’ and get featured

With the launch of online versions of mostly every and all businesses out there; all industries more-or-less have their own set of directories as well. For instance: Appdexa is an online directory platform for all the best app development companies and app marketing companies out there.

When you launch a mobile app, you tend to take time to develop a follower community and downloads. Since, these directories already feature high up on search pages with already-established viewership; featuring within their listings could be one of your best social media marketing strategies.

14. Research. Research. Research.

Remember, that there is no limit to market research and evolution. The more you research your markets, your audiences; better will you understand your audience and better will you evolve your business in terms of marketing strategies as well as the products and services at hand. This is also a prime reason why successful corporations spend a lot of money on market research and base their app maintenance and updation on it.

So, once you launch your app; it is definitely not the end of the road. You would have to keep an eye on development trends and developer practices that shall help your app stay viable for a long time to come.

15. Inclusion of ‘Technology’

Companies tend to leave no stone unturned to understand their users and their requirements. To stand amongst and compete with these establishments; you would also require ample use of development frameworks – based technologies like artificial intelligence, Big Data, etc. to track user data and their habits. It would help you device a social media marketing plan that would feature your mobile app where your users would intend to see it.

16. Lookout for your Competitor Strategy

Remember, that you in yourself cannot know everything about your market!

So, taking help from outside, especially from someone well versed within your own industry could be a great idea for your social media promotion plan.

Find your competitors (especially the already established ones!) and try analyzing their market strategies. Find what have been their strengths and weaknesses. You should utilize their social media marketing ideas for your own good too. Yes, you can innovate on them for wider effectivity.

17. Post about ‘App Updates’

As an app owner, you should keep your users in loop always and keep them posted on your endeavors intended to provide a better user experience.

An effective option for marketing your app on social media could be to tell your viewers about the app maintenance and updation tasks that you may be undertaking.

Even small changes like correcting ‘UI/UX mistakes’ , could end up being effective content options for social media. They might enable the viewers to download your app to look out for the effectiveness of the changes made.

18. Join ‘groups’

Most social platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. include groups. For marketing your app on social media; you should definitely become part of them.

And, you just do not have to be a silent member, rather a vocal member that initiates conversations about the products and services they have to offer. As part of your social media plan, you could converse about your app products and services, their feedback, benefits and striking features of your app, amongst others.

Many users of these platforms (with an interest in your industry) join these communities and follow their communications; helping you gain viewership and growth.

19. Avoid ‘compelling’ language

Try avoiding words like ‘you have to buy from us’, or ‘you have to download our app’ as you are no one to tell your viewers what to do and what not.

Respect them! And, as a definite inclusion to your social media plan; include content that is related to your user’s interest, they might attract their attention; but do not try to force them into app downloads. Right now, when everyone everywhere is targeting high conversion rates and pushing their content through a social media plan; you need to take care of your content in terms of being genuine and engaging to the users.

20. Find a good app marketing company

However much you might try, you shall never know everything about how to promote an app on social media and other platforms.

Hiring an app marketing company could help you sort out through all these issues. Though this might increase your overall app development costs, they shall take care of all your app marketing requirements.

At the end

The above stated strategies will effectively help you promote app on social media, without much cost inclusions or hassles. Remember that, a successful app is not just successful by development, but also the growth that it achieves by developing a user base that talks and interacts about it.

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