How to Hire (and Work With) Remote Developers

How to Hire (and Work With) Remote Developers?

If you plan to hire remote developers for your mobile app development, this blog will help you understand how and where to look for them and how to work with them effectively.

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January 22nd, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

As per world reports, mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020. The Apple App Store already has 2.2 million apps and there are another 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store.

So, if you wish to create an app that stands out amongst them, you would need developers who can handle, both your app idea as well its development well.

The decision of hiring an app development company or a remote developer for your mobile app, is definitely going to have a great impact on its development as well as its relative sales, brand image and business growth. Herein, a business owner may choose to hire remote developers for their mobile app development when:

  • They may have a particular kind of development in mind that a remote developer specializes in, or
  • There may be a particular app developer whose services they may be eyeing,
  • Budget constraints, or
  • The app owner’s inclinations towards an app earlier done by the developer in their areas of specialization.

Whatever be the reason. In these digital times; the process to hire remote developers and work with them is not a complex issue anymore.

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Our forthcoming discussion will set the record straight in this respect.

How to Find the Perfect Remote Developers?

If you have decided to hire offshore developers for your mobile app development, and you do not have a particular remote mobile developer on your mind, you would have to take the following steps to ensure that your selection is done well and in time:

  1. Define what exactly are your business requirements: This is a necessary and also the most important step of the app development process. As a business owner, you clearly need to specify as to what exactly you are looking for in your mobile app, in terms of functionalities, its utility, target audience and success. We would recommend, taking a pen and paper and jotting down these points clearly and in as much detail as possible. If possible, also draw rough work process charts. As an industrious app owner, this step will make you more clear about the intricacies involved in the app development process. It would also help you find app developers as per its requirements and then explain the same to them.
  2. Research the market and finalize the budget: You know what you want to create, but you also need to know about its market viability. Research about the market and industry of the products and services you have to offer. Also research about the already existing companies in the similar work vertical, including their positive and negative aspects. If possible, learn about their app developers as well. This would help you set success goals and development requirements.

‘Money’ is one of the most important factors and the most important goal of app development. Once you are clear about your business and mobile app requirements, you can finalize on budgets that you are willing to spend on the various development aspects. It will help you specify these constraints to the remote developers as well. Your choice of app developers will also depend on this information.

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We would recommend, to go over and above your budget constraints (if required) to find the apt app developer, as it is crucial to the success of your mobile app development.

P.S: If you are a startup and looking to answer, ‘how to hire app developers for a startup’; you could opt to hire one of the experienced remote mobile developers; who have already worked on one of these existing companies. They would definitely know about the task at hand and the intricacies involved.

3.Lookout for the best developer options available: If you do not already have a particular remote android developer or an iOS developer on your mind; there are several reports and directories available like mobileappdaily’s yearly reports and appdexa’s list of companies, amongst others, that analyze developers as per their skill sets, experience and user reviewers; which in fact is all the base data you would require, before connecting with them initially. These listings will also give you a fair idea of their industry specializations and rankings, helping you make insightful decisions.

4. Post your requirements on the correct platforms: There are various platforms that can help you hire remote developers and to even hire offshore developers. Upwork, freelancer, Guru and PeoplePerHour are some of the options at this end that you can rely on. You will have to create a post informing them that you wish to hire remote developers. In essence, this post should include snippets of all the above gathered information like mobile app’s target industry, its basic functionality, payment options for developers, technologies and kind of work required (full time/ part time), etc.

Due to their popularity, these developer platforms attract some of the best remote mobile developer talents from all across the globe.

Remote app developers, looking out for work shall then contact you back.

Hiring Remote Developers Guide For Business Owners

Once you begin getting responses from the interested remote developers, you need to zero in on the developers that shall be your optimum technology partners:

  1. Lookout for experience: Any developer is only as good as the projects they have worked upon. It is the space where they have evolved. Thus, keeping a keen eye for the experience garnered and applications developed by an individual already , could give you a clear picture of their capabilities.
  2. Lookout for their expertise: Mobile Application Development is a highly daunting task that involves several technical nuances including usage of optimum technology platforms, ApI’s, appropriate SDK’s, usage of their various functionalities, amongst others. If you plan to hire dedicated mobile app developers, ensure they may be well versed in all of the requisite platforms and technologies.
  3. Developer’s location: This may or may not be important to you, initially. Though there are options like video calling easily available for communication, your application development procedure may have aspects that require face to face interactions and meetups for alignment of ideas. Herein, the idea to hire offshore developers may eventually backfire. Opting for a remote mobile developer within the same city or preferably, closer proximity could prove as a better idea, in such a situation.
  4. Find the ones who believe in your idea: Your hired remote developer shall be working on realising the vision that you and your business share. Thus, it is pertinent that you designate the task to individuals who are as excited about and believe in the market viability of your app idea as you do.
  5. Look for self starters: The mobile application development process includes hours of coding as well as designing labour. An initiative taker and doer shall ensure that these processes are undertaken simultaneously in a disciplined and an organized manner to achieve dedicated timelines with excellence, even though you are not constantly keeping an eye on their work.
  6. Creativity and attitude to solve problems: When you hire dedicated remote app developers, you also hire their creative skills and focus capabilities. He or she must understand the market trends and user expectations, and should be able to guide you on the same.

Once you find the apt app developers, you need to set in a particular procedure to get the tasks done, in a time bound manner with appropriate feedback and transparency loops.

Working with app developers and the relative remote hiring challenges

Finding the right developer with the optimum skillset, tools, framework knowledge and personality is like finding a needle in a haystack. But, if somehow you have managed to find one, you need to stay at the top of your game at all times to get quality solutions developed. You would have to clearly specify details in terms of work requirements, expectations and goals. Every app owner has the independence of setting their own set of work rules and procedures, but they should include:

  1. Complete awareness about app expectations and goals: To develop an app as per your requirements, it is pertinent that your app developers clearly understands and visualizes it’s working. Their knowledge about the app’s working, its audience and its industry and competition, would lead to a clear daft picture of the future of the app, both for you as well as for the remote developer.
  2. Finding the best developer: We all know that the mobile application market is huge, to say the least. There will thus be numerous candidates promising a good application development experience. As the business owner, you need to ensure that you hire developers who know their job well and are easily able to communicate the same.
  3. Lock in work procedures and codes: Mobile app development is generally a long term task. For envisioned results at designated timelines, you would have to constantly work with the hired remote developers. In order to ensure timely smoother delivery of the mobile application, you would have to create systems to receive regular updates from them and then provide feedback on the same. It is advisable to lock in appropriate procedures for the complete system.
  4. Ample Modes of Communication: Communication for clear understanding, analysis, feedback and solutions is a must have in all mobile app developments. Since, you have chosen to work with remote mobile app developers, you need to create proper channels of communication that would keep you all on the same page of development. For instance, you could decide on bi-weekly designated video calls and a weekly feedback mail, etc. This timely communication system will help keep clarity on work and growth on both ends.
  5. Maintenance is vital: Every mobile application also requires constant updations, both in terms of content and technologies.

‘Reports suggest that ‘once an application is developed, 20 percent of its development cost becomes recurring charges for its maintenance and to keep it viable for the user.’

Once launched, your app may face issues pertaining to its data security, scalability, interoperability issues, UI/UX updations, amongst others. Ensure that your hired remote mobile application developer should be available and game for this impending task as well.

Your remote app developers are also your strategic technology partners

Creating a mobile app and a good one at that, takes time, efforts and money. As an app owner, try and not lose patience with your chosen remote developers. The development procedure may take time, but remote developer’s deliverables are generally close to perfect; as this is also what would get them their next project. View them as your long term technology partners, as developers are also the best candidates for the maintenance tasks (they would already know what you require and how you require it).

The above stated points, if followed well, will help you two parties, to together develop an empowering relationship as a team as well as a powerful mobile app.

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