How to Choose an App Development Partner for Your Startup

How to Choose an App Development Partner for Your Startup?

What should you be looking for when hiring an app development partner?


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January 18th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

Startups are young companies that generally intend to offer a novel product or service to the market. Since, they are young and self-funded; these companies are mostly very tight  funded and hardly finds investors for their apps, so work on a very strict development to market timeline.

Startups tend to develop a technology based business solution that offers seamless services in their respective segments. Due to their ease of use and global accessibility, these firms tend to develop their functionalities around mobile apps that offer seamless functionalities and user experience.

Factors that limit App Development for Startups

Before enumerating the qualities required for app development for startup, we need to understand the specific challenges that startups face:

1. The Risk Involved :

Startups are based on inspirational businesses ideas that generally have to be developed and deployed on self or family-seeded funds. They are risky from the word ‘go’ and if the idea does not find takers within its intended audience, the owner’s time and effort can all go down the drain. In fact, world reports suggest that close to 90% startups fail.

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2. Disruptive Ideas  :

Startups generally intend to bring in a new product or service in the market as a solution to a certain market gap that the app owner may have preconceived. Since they are novel, they are highly risky and dependent on a great experience to take them through to their intended customer base.

3. Tight on budget and Employees :

Since, startups are young companies funded by owners or their families, money is mostly in short supply for investments and re-investments. For the same reason, they are always short on employees due to salary margin constraints.

4. Testing Markets :

Startups tend to develop smaller prototypes to constantly test market waters and evolve as per the market requirements and inclination. They also expect the same from their technology partners.

5. Focussed Mindset :

Established brands and businesses have a lot to look into and thus, a budding project idea may not be given a lot of company time. Whereas, a startup is completely focused on the development of the technology and the user experience that they intend to create.

6. Always Improvising :

Startups are always on a lookout for ways to improvise user experience and evolve their market product fits.

7.Lookout for Business Opportunities:

Since, startups are always short on money, they are on a lookout for ways to make money from mobile apps and fund their development costs.

What makes a mobile app development company a perfect fit for app development for startup

It is a fact that a lot of Startups with their innovative market apps enter and exit the markets. In fact most of the startups end up in failures. But, this does not affect a futuristic entrepreneur with an idea that can transform markets in the coming times.

Think about this, success does not come easy and if it comes, it comes to those who are ready to toil hard for it. So, if you are a startups owner, you require an app development partner that can toil equally hard with them and passionately develop a market solution that will make a difference to the markets as well as the consumer. Let us now analyse factors and app developer skills that you should check for beforehand, lest choosing a technology partner:

1. Look for the perfect fit:

If as an entreprepreneur and startup owner, you intend to outsource your app development; look for a mobile development partner that shares your passion for the idea and a company that you think will work best in a particular domain. Remember that it is not necessary that the best app development company would be the perfect choice for your developments. Every startup begins with a bright idea. But to give that idea the light of the day, try and look out for app developers who can envision its workability and market scope, just like you do.

2. Look for experience:

As a startup you may be starting out; but your mobile app development partner does not have to be starting out as well. In fact, it is advised to outsource your mobile app development to a company that not only has experience in working with startups, but also the same industry. This would help you as a starting out entrepreneur to gain insightful knowledge about user expectations from the industry and ways through which your competitors and existing industry brands gained their momentum and sales. Trust us, no book or market survey can give you this firsthand knowledge.

Also, their early work with startups have given an experience to these app development companies, of easily understanding and gauging the requirements of a startup ecosystem for businesses. They are well aware about the nitty gritties involved herein and understand the budget and employee constraints that mar these businesses stupendous growth prospects. An app development partnership with such an experienced team can help startups take wings of growth for real time market acquisition.

3. Lookout for Skills in their portfolio:

Every business is different, and so are its requirements and thus, the mobile app development it requires.

Even colleague companies from a similar industry might want different things to be presented to their audiences in different formats. Look for things that you would want to present to your customers and then lookout for a mobile app development partnership that could do the task assigned well. It should have the requisite expertise, development frameworks in terms of technology and app developers ready for work. For instance: If you are an interior design startup, you might directly choose to offer your product and services to your customers or look to add in the 3-d component to your app wherein, your customers could place your products and lookout for their suitability. The choice as the startup owner is yours, but if you choose latter you would require a company well versed in Augmented Reality developments as well.

As a major requirement these days, look for a startup app development company that is well versed in designing and developing innovative UI/UX designs that shall make your startup app a tad bit more attractive to the users. UI/UX mistakes can not only make a user uninterested in your app, but also lead to higher uninstalls. After all, standing out and standing tall is not just a need, but a requirement for a startup success.

4. Shortlist the companies:

As a startup owner, you do not have to directly zero in on the company that could partner with you. Rather, make a list of the best app development companies that inculcate the above required skill sets and are located closer to you (you may also look for offshore remote work options, if it suits your requirements well ). For the list of companies, you could visit mobile app company directories like Appdexa, etc. that give a comprehensive listing of these companies, complete with their work profile details. Create a list of companies that you think can understand your requirements and share your passions and success story well.

5. Look for their client reviews:

When looking for the apt app development for a startup partner, look into the client reviews of the shortlisted companies. They shall give you a clear and fair idea of ‘other aspects’ of the technology developments undertaken by the companies. This includes their level of professionalism, transparency, habit of sticking to deadlines, etc. It will also give you an insight about how the mobile app development companies fare in terms of user expectations and satisfaction. Hiring a mobile app development company, is a long term business prospect, so every step in this direction should be wisely taken.

6. Lookout for a team you could ‘well-connect’ with:

Every best mobile app development company, may not be the apt choice for you. There would be one or maybe two companies where you would be able to feel the ‘connect’ or rather compatibility in terms of clear communication, team experts, passion, approach towards work, etc.

Remember that clear communication and goal sharing is paramount to develop a successful business app. Also, the company should have a work approach of keeping app owners in the loop at every development point and should be in a habit of understanding, analyzing and embracing feedback positively. This team is gonna be your work spouse to produce your brainchild in reality. So, better choose the best one out there.

7. Keep ‘cost’ on the backburner for a while:

We know project budgets are important, especially in the case of startups. But, just for this instance try and overlook your budget constraints for the right mobile app development partner.

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Find developers for startups that fulfill all the above given criteria, even if it comes at an extra cost. Trust us, you won’t regret it later.

Finalizing Your Search..

Your Mobile App development is not a day’s task, nor is it gonna end with the one-time development of your app. Development and deployment of a business mobile app is a long term process that also includes app maintenance and updation at later stages. To this effect, we would specifically advise you to take your time, lookout for all your requirements and app developer options and finalize the one; most suited to your needs. If possible keep small budgetary issues also on the backburner for a while. A reliable and innovative mobile app development partner herein, could help you sail through the challenging app development and business development times with ease. Better to spend some time at this stage, then wasting the time and money spent during the app development process.

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