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How To Hire A Mobile App Developer As Per Your Budget?

Check out the various factors on basis of which you can hire an app developer as per your budget.

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March 4th, 2020
Janet Scott
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We live in a world where smartphones have become a necessity for us, even our daily chores include assistance from mobile applications. There are two platforms that mainly hold a command in the world of apps which are Android and iOS. It is nearly impossible to ignore one platform over the other one due to the large market share they dominate.

To develop and then launch a mobile application on any of these powerful platforms, you will require a great team to pull it off successfully. This mobile app development team will consist of highly skilled app developers, designers, and testers, to say the very least.

But in this article, we will specifically focus on the mobile application developers and the hiring cost related to the app developers in the year 2018. So, keep on reading to know about the factors that contribute to the hiring process of an app developer.

What are your hiring options?

To build a mobile application can be a long ongoing process and that’s why you need to be careful while hiring an app developer for your project. Your main objective should be to hire someone who is committed enough throughout the whole process of the app development.

Mainly there are three options when it comes to hiring an app developer for your mobile app and those are:

  • Hiring a Local App Developer
  • Hiring an Outsource App Developer
  • Finding a Business Partner who is a Developer

So, these are your three general options for hiring an app developer. One thing that I want to make clear is that these options can be implemented with the respect of freelancers as well as app development companies. It is your decision to make of hiring an application development company or going for a freelancer.

Using the above mentioned principles, you can easily shortlist the mobile app developers as a freelancer or a development company to proceed with your project.

Rules of Hiring Process

It doesn’t matter what choice you make between a mobile app development company or a freelance application developer. There are a few basic rules that must be applied during the hiring process.

Check the basic Requirements

First thing first, start by checking the basic requirements for your mobile app that you have in mind. These requirements include the programming languages and platform to be used for the process along with the skill set. This will also consist of the pricing information i.e. the rate per hour and an approximate idea of the time duration and overall budget of the complete app development.

Evaluating the Experience

The experience of the app developer is a very significant characteristic that cannot be neglected under any circumstances. Always ask the developer about their overall experience and what are some details regarding the previous projects that they have worked on. You can also verify that experience information that they have provided by cross-questioning them about it. This will also minimize your chances of hiring an undeserving freelancer.

Building Strong Communication

As you might have already heard of the popular phrase, ‘Communication is the Key’. Well, it really is! That’s the reason why you should focus on building a genuine relationship with the mobile app developer; powered by a strong communication strategy. During the hiring process, try to look for someone that can understand your app’s aim and the objectives related to it.

If you find someone who is reliable and has the same interest as you regarding your app’s output. Then a great professional relationship can be easily established.

Cost to hire App Developer

The cost to hire an app developer also varies with the types of your mobile application. For example, have a look at the below table:

app developer costing

As mentioned in the table above, the different types of applications have a different hourly rate. This is mainly due to the essential features that are required by these types of applications and also due to the complexity level.

To make it more clear we have also added the levels in front of each application type so that you can get an idea of their level of complexities. Here the level 1 represents as the type of app with the minimum complexity level and level 6 being the one with the highest feature complexity.

process of app developer hiring

For the purpose of app development, the hourly rates also differ by the geographic location of the app developers. For example, in Australia, the average hourly rate of developing an app is $100+ whereas, in India, the application developers charge less than $50 on an hourly basis.

Tips on How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

There are some points to remember while looking to hire an app developer that just syncs well with your app’s necessities. Have a look at these significant tips that you can not afford to miss:

  • Connecting to developer’s previous clients: Find app developers that have a good history of working with clients. Also, it’s much better if you connect with some of their previous clients so that you can get to know more about the working experience and other queries related to the communication. And this is not just for freelance developers, the same should be done with mobile app development companies as well.
  • Proper privacy arrangements should be made: Privacy Agreements like NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) play a crucial role when it comes to protecting one’s business rights. Many people often think that if they are hiring a freelancer for their project they won’t be needing these documents. Well, that’s where they are wrong! It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a mobile app development company or a team of freelance app programmers, privacy agreements are a must.
  • Do not make ‘cost’ a primary focus: You are here looking for answers to questions like ‘how to hire app developer’, ‘cost to hire an app developer’ etc. But while you are searching for these answers you need to be flexible with your budget. That means that don’t make the mistake of making the ‘cost’ of the process a primary focus. Your main aim should be to hire a talented individual that can meet with expectations that you have set for your development project.

So, before you move ahead with the hiring process try to keep in mind these tips as they hold the potential establishing or ruining your project.

Now, we have reached to the tricky part of this article that is the hidden costs in developing an app!

What are Hidden Costs?

Sometimes the process of traditional mobile app development can be slow, frustrating, and expensive. This is because the development, deployment, and maintenance of a single application can easily cost behind $40,000 to $200,000; depending on factors like location, level of complexity, type of app etc.

The real issue with the cost here is related not just with the development stage but with the entire life cycle which includes deployment and maintenance as well. These extra unexpected costs can be referred to as the hidden costs as this total cost is not focused. People often just pay attention to the cost of the development portion of their project and that’s why they tend to miss the entire budget consisting of the hidden costs.

According to the Comentum reports, the average ongoing maintenance cost for SMEs i.e. Small to Medium-scale Enterprises development project may range from $5,000 to $10,000+.

According to the Computer World, in the initial span of two years of a typical mobile development project, the development segment only represents the 35% of the total cost or we can even say the budget.

Another report states that the annual legacy costs can reach up to almost 50 percent of the original development cost of the project. Suppose, you spent a total of $200,000 on your traditional process of project development then the maintenance and support alone will cost you approximately $1000,000 for just one year.

Categories of Hidden Costs

Now that you are aware of what hidden costs actually are, its time to move straight to the categories of these hidden costs. There are four main categories of hidden costs, which are:

1. Functional Services

The functional services are basically those services that are needed to execute the simple features and functionalities of your application. Few examples of the functional services are SMS, push notifications, social interactions via chat options etc.

Your project developer may provide you some certain functionalities of the project but it won’t work unless you are subscribed to a particular service that will enable the delivery mechanism for those functionalities.

2. Administrative Services

The administrative services are quite plain and simple to integrate. These are important because your project needs a powerful, accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly administration dashboard. These services allow you to be in control of the project and also help in minimizing your regular visits to the IT department, in the case of content modification and data accessibility.

A few examples of administrative services are data segmentation, functional service management, dashboard emulator, content management, event collector/analytics, accessibility controls, end-user profiles, and dynamic updates.

3. Infrastructure Services

The infrastructure services consist of the infrastructural components which are related to the hosting, delivering, storage of the project’s data. Some examples of infrastructure services are libraries, development tools, CDN (Content Delivery Network), data storage and servers.

And added features like redundancies and load balancers with security servers will also contribute to increasing the level of complexity as well as the cost of the project.

4. IT Support Services

The IT support services are known to be one of the most important services that is required in the development process. Although, these services aren’t exactly apart of the main architecture but the ongoing technical support is necessary for every project deployment. The cost of this ongoing technical support keeps on expanding as the user base increases.

Some examples of the IT support services are related to the bugs, APIs, maintenance through Dev Ops and many more.

These are the four main categories in which the hidden costs are categorized in. At this point, one of the most common questions that people have is ‘how to handle these hidden costs’. The initial step is to know about the key issue with the development cost that is based on the number of individual components that are required to be assembled in the project.

And the evaluating the full cost of the project life-cycle rather than just focusing on the development segment.


Remember to define your project’s objectives and requirements from the beginning, this will help you in determining the cost and time duration estimation more accurately. With this, the developer will also know about the expectations for the project beforehand.

We hope that this article provided to some valuable insights on how to hire an app developer and other factors related to it. So, go ahead and hire top-notch application developers while keeping in mind these essential points to remember.

Do let us know your thoughts on the topic of ‘Hidden Costs’ related to the development process!

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