How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Programmer For An App in 2021?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer in 2021?

How much does it cost to hire an app developer as per your choice and requirements?


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January 15th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
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A mobile app is a business essential nowadays, to reach a global audience and to ensure an in trend growth of your business.

Now, if you’ve planned to develop a business mobile app, it is critical that you develop it yourself or get it developed by an able enough developer, as per your vision. Mobile app development is a complex process that requires creativity, technical expertise, design aesthetics, amongst other skills; not to mention the varied toolkits.

In order to develop a successful mobile app, you would have to know beforehand:

How much would it cost to develop a mobile app?

Of course, before getting into the whole process of app development, you need to have an idea as to how much the complete app development will cost you and your business. You would need to draft a clear cut budget for every aspect including app maintenance costs and app marketing costs at a later stage.

How to hire a mobile app developer?

The next important aspect for your app development, is to find a mobile app developer partner, that is suitable as per your app development requirements (experience, expertise, etc.) and who could also preferably double up as your technological partner on a long term basis.

What is the cost to hire an app developer?

The most important inclusion of your app development budget is to find a mobile app developer as per your budget requirements (which is also the standpoint of this blog!!). We would now help you resolve the solution to this very important app development question.

If you yourself are not a technical expert in the requisite platforms, you will be required to hire a app developer and other experts to pull it off successfully. This mobile app development team will consist of highly skilled app developers, designers, and testers, to say the very least.

What are your options for hiring mobile app developers?

To build a mobile application can be a long ongoing process and that’s why you need to be careful while hiring an app developer for your project. Your main objective should be to hire someone who believes in your idea, its market viability and is passionate enough, to let it see through till the very end.

Mainly there are three options when it comes to hiring an app developer for your mobile app and those are:

In-house developers:

These developers are like other business employees. They work with your team and become a part of it, within your workplace itself. Mostly, available on a monthly basis, they tend to understand app requirements at their own pace, within the work culture itself. The major issue with them is to find app developers that shall have the requisite expertise and experience.


Apart from in-house developers, you could also choose to hire freelance app developers for your app development task. For this, you would have to find remote developers and dedicate them to particular tasks of the app development process. They are generally experts at their work. Freelance app developers cost is generally based on the hours they spend on the task or a lump sum price on each task. But remember, this would take a lot of time and effort at your end as working, communication and then seamless integration of their developments, mostly poses issues when working with remote developers.

Outsourcing App Development:

This is the best option(as per our experience and outview!!) for businesses. You could hand over the complete task of app development to an able app development company that has both experience and expertise for the task at hand. Outsourcing app development ensures that your app development gets done in a timely manner as well as in budget (since they are generally fixed beforehand).

So, these are your three general options for hiring an app developer. Hiring app developers should actually depend on your app development requirements and budget. If your app development goals are clear, in our view you should opto to hire an app development company or an app development team that has experience working together as a well-oiled unit.

Using the above mentioned principles, you can easily shortlist the mobile app developers to proceed with your project.

Cost to hire an App Developer

Once you are clear about the type of app that you wish to develop and its objectives, you would need a clear idea as to hire app developer cost. It basically depends on these 5 features of your app:

1. Complexity of your app:

how much does it cost to build an app?

The cost to hire an app developer varies with the types of your mobile application. For example, have a look at the below table:

As mentioned in the table above, the different types of applications have a different hourly rate for hire app developer cost . This is mainly due to the essential features that are required by these types of applications and also due to the complexity level.

To make it more clear we have also added the levels in front of each application type so that you can get an idea of their level of complexities. Here the level 1 represents the type of app with the minimum complexity level (something basic like a calculator app that requires no payment gateways, updation of values, no searches, connection to servers, etc.) and level 6 being the one with the highest feature complexity (Something like a Ola and Uber that includes different login Ids , user accounts, tracking of vehicles, tracking of users, multiple payment options, etc.).

2. Location of the app developer:

For the purpose of app development, lookout for mobile app developers for hire from locations as per your budget. Their hourly rates also differ by the geographic location of the app developers. For example, in Australia, the average hourly rate of developing an app is $100+ whereas, in India, the application developers charge less than $50 on an hourly basis.

cost to hire an app developer

3. Chosen Mobile Platforms:

Your hire app developer cost will rely a great deal on the platforms you choose to deliver your mobile app on. For instance, do you want to launch your mobile app on the Android store, or the apple store or both? This should all depend on the type of audiences you tend to target.
Reports state that Android apps are approximately 30% costlier to build than an iOS app; but the number of users that you can reach by developing an android mobile app is much greater than an iOS based mobile app.

For instance: If you have a product or service to offer, mostly for people with lower income brackets, you might not require an iOS app.

4. Choose from native, hybrid or cross-platform app developments:

Native, hybrid or cross-platform app developments

In order to finalize hire an app developer cost, another important aspect of app development is to choose from native or hybrid app development as a platform. Though native apps provide a better user-experience, hybrid app development takes less time and cost for development on both android and iOS platforms.

5. Expertise and Experience:

Your choice of app developers is central to the success of your mobile app development task. So, you need mobile app developers with both apt experience and expertise to sort issues that are bound to happen within the app development process. In fact, app developers with greater experience and expertise at base will charge high then those with less expertise.

We would suggest you to go for a mobile app developer for hire with the requisite experience, even at a tad bit higher cost.

Tips on how to hire a developer to make an app

There are some points to remember while looking for app developers for hire that sync well with your app’s necessities. Have a look at these significant tips that you can not afford to miss:

  • Connect with developer’s previous clients: Find app developers that have a good history of working with clients. Also, it’s much better if you connect with some of their previous clients so that you can get to know more about the working experience and other queries related to the communication. And this is not just for freelance developers, the same should be done with mobile app development companies as well.
  • Proper privacy arrangements should be made: Privacy Agreements like NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) play a crucial role when it comes to protecting one’s business rights. Many people often think that if they are hiring a freelancer for their project they won’t be needing these documents. Well, that’s where they are wrong! It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a mobile app development company or a team of freelance app programmers, privacy agreements and other security practices to safeguard app and user rights and data are a must.
  • Do not make ‘cost’ a primary focus: You are here looking for answers to questions like ‘how to hire someone to build an app’, ‘hire app developer cost’ etc. But while you are searching for these answers you need to be flexible with your budget. That means that don’t make the mistake of making the ‘cost’ of the process a primary focus. Your main aim should be to hire a talented individual that can meet with expectations that you have set for your development project.

So, before you move ahead with the hiring process try to keep in mind these tips as they hold the potential establishing or ruining your project.

What are the Hidden Costs of hiring mobile app developers?

Sometimes the process of traditional mobile app development can be slow, frustrating, and touted to be more expensive, than expected. This is because the development, deployment, and maintenance of a single application can easily cost behind $40,000 to $200,000; depending on factors like location, level of complexity, type of app etc.

The real issue with the cost here is related not just with the development stage but with the entire life cycle which includes deployment and maintenance as well. These extra unexpected costs can be referred to as the hidden costs of mobile app development, as they are mostly not included within the total cost. People often just pay attention to the cost of the development portion of their project and that’s why they tend to miss the entire budget consisting of the hidden costs.

According to reports, the average cost of maintaining an app for SMEs i.e. Small to Medium-scale Enterprises development projects may range from $5,000 to $10,000+.

According to the Computer World, in the initial span of two years of a typical mobile development project, the development segment only represents the 35% of the total cost or we can even say the budget.

Checklist to hire a programmer to make an app

Whatever be your choice of app developers, you need to ensure that they fulfill the below listed basic requirements :

1. Check the basics of App developers for hire

First thing first, start by checking the basic requirements for your mobile app that you have in mind. These requirements include:

  • The programming languages and development platforms: Before you hire mobile app programmer, lookout if the developers include your choice of programming languages in their skill sets. aLSO, ensure beforehand that they have the desired toolkit in terms of your choice of app development framework.
  • Skill set: Also, ensure that the team is well versed with the various app development trends and technologies ruling app development charts.
  • Pricing Information : You should be well aware about the general rate per hour for app development in your industry, location and the company at hand as well. You should also be clearly knowledgeable about the approximate idea of the time duration and overall budget of the complete app development.

2. Evaluating the Experience

The experience of the app developer is a very significant characteristic that cannot be neglected under any circumstances. Always ask the developer about their overall experience and what are some details regarding the previous projects that they have worked on. You can also verify that experience information that they have provided by cross-questioning them about it or even connecting with their previous clients. Before you hire app developers, you can also read reviews about their past worlds on mobile app directories like Appdexa and Mobile App Daily. These platforms provide a clear insight about the various app development and app marketing companies out there, complete with their user reviews, ratings and reports on best choices in various app development fields. They can make your job a lot easier and also minimize your chances of hiring an undeserving freelancer.

P.S: Mobile app development is a complex process. So, the more your app development company is experienced(especially in your industry of work), the better it is for you.

3. Building Strong Communication

As you might have already heard of the popular phrase, ‘Communication is the Key’. Well, it really is! That’s the reason why you should focus on building a genuine relationship with the mobile app developer; powered by a strong communication strategy. When you choose to hire mobile app developers, try to look for someone that can understand your app’s aim and the objectives related to it and is equally passionate about it.

If you find someone who is reliable and has the same interest as you regarding your app’s output. Then a great professional relationship can be easily established.

Act with discretion when you tend to hire a developer to make an app

Remember to define your project’s objectives and requirements from the beginning as this will help you in determining the cost and time duration estimate more accurately, both for yourself as well as for the mobile app developer for hire. Be patient and try to look out for the best available options before finalizing on one.Be clear about what you want and how you want things to go. This would help set the tone straight from the word ‘go’, for the things to come.

We hope that this article provides you with valuable insights on how to hire someone to build an app and other factors related to it. So, go ahead and hire top-notch application developers while keeping in mind these essential points to remember.

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