How to Hire a Mobile App Developer in 2021: A Definitive Guide

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer in 2021: A Definitive Guide

How to find mobile app developers that understand you and your app development requirements?

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January 20th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
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Pre-requisites of hiring Mobile Developers

Even though you might have a great mobile app idea, it won’t transform into a successful reality, until and unless you get it well developed. You require top-notch mobile developers ( until of course, you might be one yourself and also have all the requisite expertise) with the apt expert and experience, for this purpose.

Mobile Fragmentation By Use

Mobile apps are being used by everyone, everywhere nowadays. With greater usage and easy accessibility their significance, especially for businesses has proven to be more than essential.

Though mobile apps are increasing by the day, App Development still requires a lot of money, effort and time and choosing a wrong mobile app development company can easily jeopardize all these inclusions. Loss in terms of brand name, sales and value; are other issues that a bad mobile app can create.

To avoid all this, you need a mobile app developer who can sync-in with you as a technology partner, understand your requirements and deliver the requisite mobile app. Trust us, it is no less than looking for a needle in a haystack.

Things you should know before hiring Mobile Developers

Whether it is the need to develop an app from scratch or extending an existing one by integrating newer functionalities within it, here are the prerequisites you need to know and be clear on before heading out to search the perfectly suited mobile app developers:

1. Identify Your Mobile App Project’s Goals and Requirement

When you choose to create mobile app, you should be very clear of the app idea, its design and the functionalities; and only then will you be able to explain the same to your app developer partner. If possible draw clear designs and flowcharts for work processes, features of app that you might require and final products that you intend to achieve with the mobile app.

2. Identify the type of App you intend to Create

Once you are clear about what you want your mobile app to do, you can figure out what kind of mobile app you want to develop.

Basically this means, that if you want a mobile app with simple one or two functionalities, a simple mobile app would do. A single app developer or even an easily available DIY app development kit (available online) could do the job for you.

But, if you require a complex mobile app with various functionalities like data tracking, user tracking, user logins, data sharing, etc. you would need a top-notch mobile app developer or rather a team of app developers, well versed to handle the app development requirements.

Clarity in terms of type of app development, will also help you analyze the timeline that your app would take to get developed and the budget that it would involve.

Mobile App Development Timeline Based on App Type

3. Identify the Market

Creating a mobile app is one thing and selling it to the intended customer is another. It is necessary that before you find a developer to build an app; you need to check out the app development questions that shall help you analyze the viability of your mobile app idea.

For this, you need to know about your intended customers, the overall product or service market that you wish to enter and are customers there willing to shell out the kind of money for that particular product or service, that you intend to charge.

These intricacies will help you zero in on the features of app that you require and those that you can omit. For instance, if you are targeting a low price margin, iOS developments may thus, not be very suitable for your app. It will also help you beforehand to look for app developers with the relevant industry experience.

4.Identify the included Technology Platforms

Once your roadmap for app development is ready, you would have to also enlist the technologies (both backend and frontend) that you would wish to include in your app. For instance, choice of app category, i.e. android, iOS or both developments should be clear. An interior designer should hire mobile app developers with AR specialization for its frontend. It would help you to find app developers with the requisite toolkits with trending development technologies and expertise.

Identify the included Technology Platforms

5. Budget

At the end of the day, it is your mobile app , so the app development budget should also be yours. As a responsible app owner, you should be well aware as to how much app development costs in general. You could then do your own plus and minus within its various aspects like app maintenance cost, updation, etc and customize your own budgets. Different app developers charge differently as per their teams, expertise and experience. This clearity will help you to connect only with app developers that suit your budget.

app development budget

Once you are clear with the above stated aspects and requirements of your app development tsak, connecting with app development companies with the idea and these specifications becomes much easier.

How to find Mobile App Developers suited to your requirements ?

Mobile App development is a complex task that requires a good-mix of technologies and expertise for comprehensive development. It requires technical experts with the requisite expertise in frontend and backend platform developments, designers for creative UI/UX developments, platform experts well versed in the platform guidelines (android and iOS), amongst others. When you intend transforming your mobile app idea into an app, the first challenge as an entrepreneur is to decide on the kind of mobile app development and mobile app developers to choose from:

  • In-house developers: You could choose to hire in-house developers that would join in your existing business team, understand processes and then develop an app for the same. They generally are on a salary-basis; just like other employees. The biggest issue with in-house developers is to find a mobile app developer that would cover all the requisite expertise and be able enough to develop a comprehensive product.
  • Outsourcing: If you are short on funds and require varied platforms and expertise for your mobile app development, you could choose to hire remote developers and outsource your app development tasks. They are generally well versed in varied technologies, but are away from your workspace, and even at times aways from your residence countries. Communication, time-gaps and understanding are the biggest issues you would need to resolve with them. You could also choose to outsource their mobile app development requirements to a dedicated mobile app development company. As it takes time and effort to find app developers individually, most businesses choose to hire app development companies that already have experts on their roles and have experience in developing mobile apps as a well-oiled team.
  • Freelancers: Another good option for app development could be to hire specialized freelancers for various aspects of app development and then culminate them to form the final product of your dreams. The issue in working with freelancers is to get them together to work seamlessly as a team.

When you look to hire app developers , first understand the kind of mobile app development you are aiming for. If you are not very clear of your mobile app goals and wish to witness its complete development, in-house developers are your best bet. If you already have goals in your mind, but also some specific developers or a limited budget, working with remote developers could be a good option. If expertise, experience and efficiency are on your radar, the best mobile app development companies should be on your choice list.

Where to find Mobile App Developers: Your best available options

Once you are clear on everything about your app development basics, you need to connect with the app developers and provide them this outline.

But, where do you find these app developers?

The best and the easiest way is to ask around and look for eminent app developers in your own circles. You could ask a relative with a technical background or even connect with an ex-faculty from school and college with a computer background for a reference. If no one suits your requirements, several online options are then available.

There are various freelance websites like Toptal and Hired, that shall help you find app developers online. You could read about their experience and expertise there and choose the best one of the lot.

There are various technology blogs like TechCrunch and Wired as well as creative app developers communities like Dribble and Behance that can help you find the best app developers out there.

There are iOS (iPhoneDevSDK) and Android forums (Topcoder, NewAppIdea, etc.) as well, where you can find app developers that suit your needs.

If you need more information about the app development agencies before hiring them for your task, you could browse through the online directories like Appdexa which provide comprehensive app development and app marketing company listings to help users choose the one most suited to their needs.

There are also mobile app development company rating platforms like Mobile App Daily which not only provide information, but also rate these companies as per their client reviews. Their yearly reports can be of great help in choosing your best option.

How to hire Mobile App Developers?

You have shortlisted the app developers that you think might suit your requirements. Now, is the time to understand the complete process of zeroing in on the one that might be your perfect match. The steps of this process include:

1. Get the Complete Know-How

As a must, you should research about the shortlisted app development companies, both online and online. Lookout whether they meet your requirements of expertise and technologies or not. Also, read reviews about the company or developer from their clients about the overall app development experience. It would give you a clear idea about their professionalism, deliveries and app development time that they tend to take.

2. Lookout for Industry Experience

Also research about the industries that the developers have already catered to. If they have work experience in your particular industry, it would be an added advantage as they shall well be aware of the work-processes and nitty-gritties involved.

3. Explain them About Your App goals and Requirements

There are some things that they too tend to know, before accepting to become your app development partner. Clarify your app goals and your requirements and expectations in straight terms. It would help the app developers state their prices.

P.S: App development is a long term process. Clear terms help keep things in perspective and enable partnerships to go well.

4. Have a clear dialogue with them

Have clear individual interviews with your shortlisted app developers for suitability with you as a technology partner and your requirements as customers. Put forward your work culture, work process, transparency, development time, cost expectations, etc. on the table and let them put their version of the same. You would then be able to finalize on app developers that are well suited to become your final match.

5. Lookout for packages

As stated earlier, app development is a complex process that requires varied expertise. Ideally, lookout for a team of app developers that apart from the technology geeks also include creative UI/UX designers, Quality Analysis testers to later test the code of your app and solve any bugs.
You can try and get an entire package instead of a single freelance developer when you ask for a whole package from a reputed agency. Everyone in the team will dedicatedly perform the task they’re hired for and the entire process is finished seamlessly.

6. Lookout for the best overall team option out there

All your cards are on the table and so are the terms of the mobile app developers. As per our advice, instead of hiring individuals, you should try and hire app development teams within mobile app agencies or hire a team of remote developers to get the job done. Limiting yourself and your choices on the basis of stringent budget or platform rules could end up being a serious app developer mistake. If by any chance, a small expansion of your budget can get you your desired team; do not hesitate to do so. Remember that your mobile app is gonna be a long-term business asset and your mobile app developer your long-term technology partner.

Find a responsible mobile app developer team to partner

Your mobile app development is crucial for your business future and so is the way you take care of your app and the clients that approach you through the app. It is not a one day or a one-month process. So, try and look for an app development team that believes in the future of your mobile app too, and is just not there to develop it as a professional commitment. Lookout for people with whom, you as the owner and your existing team could gel well with. Your working together as a good team is necessary for an enriching app development process and deliverables.

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