Gyms Flex their App Muscle to Grow with an App from Glofox

Gyms Flex their App Muscle to Grow with an App from Glofox

November 4, 2016 by Appdexa

There are more than 6 billion worldwide subscriptions on mobiles and most of the users possess a smartphone. A mobile app for the gyms or fitness centres offer tremendous opportunities for the business-owner, as  it helps in the discovery of the gym/fitness centre. It is a great way to add value and convenience for the members of the fitness facility. Infact, a mobile app is a great way to stay connected with your members. There are many ways in which the the fitness apps help in running your business and these are:

  • Convenient Way to Avail the Facilities
  • Increase the Retention Level
  • Increasing the Revenue

Convenient Way to Avail the Facilities

A customized mobile app will offer convenience for the members in the form of learning about any promotions, keep a track on their workouts and checking into the fitness centres. According to Fitness and Technology Survey, 57 % of the members carry their smartphone/tablet to the gyms. In fact 72 % of exercisers are applying technology for their workout.  

Increase the Retention Level

There is higher chance of joining a gym, which uses technology. The company logo associated with the app sketches a constant picture in the minds of the members. There are many apps with social features for building a personal relation with the trainer, members and staff.

Increasing the Revenue

As part of the facility tour, more the members download the app, greater is the chance for enrollment.   

How Glofox is Bringing About a Change?

Glofox is a Dublin-based startup that is about to start its US operations with their innovative payment processing and business management platform. So far, the main markets for the company were Ireland and UK and now they are planning for an entry into the world’s largest fitness market.

In the initial years they were a web and app design consultancy business and they leapt into the rapidly growing fitness market. The founders sensed an opportunity as they saw a gap in business management software that is integrated with a mobile app.

Resolution of the Problem with the App

The niche target market that Glofox intends to intensify its operations are the gyms with group exercise classes and the boutique fitness studios offering pilates, spinning classes and yoga. The intention was to resolve some issues like processing of payments, hours spent towards bookings and the time required by the customers to book and pay. Glofox became the first to offer a customized mobile app along with a business management software.

In the words of Mr Anthony Kelly, the business development head at Glofox they have seen an increase in sales between 10 to 15 % a month.

The company is in the process of exploration of partnership arrangement in the US and other markets. One of the key milestones achieved by the company is an alliance with Yoga Alliance Professional, which happens to be the largest Yoga industry body based in UK and has over 4500 members.

The advantage of the app from Glofox is that the product is simple to use and a platform that is suitable for the fitness studios, even though it is operating in an extremely competitive market.

Mr Kelly says the long term goal for them is to become a market leader in the fitness studio space. They intend to operate with large sized fitness centres across multiple locations or the larger global chains


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