Why and how can you hire dedicated software developers for your business?

A Comprehensive Guide on Hiring and Managing a Dedicated App Development Team

We herein enumerate reasons as to why companies hire dedicated mobile app developers and where exactly will you find them?

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January 20th, 2021
Twinkle Kalkandha
Twinkle Kalkandha
Product Strategist

App development is a complex task that for any business, tends to take up a lot of effort, money and time on the part of the app building team as well as its owners. However, it can effectively transform your company’s business and future.

But, the app development task in itself is pretty long and involves a lot of details to work around. So, in order to build a mobile app as per your preferences, you should tread carefully (unless of course you are a developer yourself!) in terms of hiring mobile app developers.

As per current industry trends, you could hire dedicated mobile app developers that shall focus only on developing your app, till the job is satisfactorily done.

Understanding the concept of a ‘dedicated App developers team’

If you have a business or a business idea that could transform into a great app, the next step is to find a team of experienced developers that would do the job for you. Be it an app development company or an in-house team of app developers or a remote development team; you should be on a lookout for like-minded people who could double up as a trusted technology partner or team for issues and other technology requirements to come. After all, a mobile app is not built in a day.

A dedicated development team basically refers to a number of app development experts that a company hires for its app development process. Hired in-house or as a team of remote developers, they are focused only on developing your app on time. They could be:

  • Freelancers: There are many freelancers out there, who choose to work as dedicated developers with only one project at a time in hand. They generally are technology experts, who wish to focus on only one development in a particular time period. You could thus choose to hire remote developers individually or in a team for your work.
  • Outsourced dedicated Developers: You could also choose to outsource app development to dedicated developers from app development companies. These outsourcing app development companies may work remotely or may even have an offshore dedicated team option. They generally have the requisite experience, expertise and toolkits at hand as well.
  • Inhouse IT staff augmentation: There are various App development companies out there who provide options to hire dedicated mobile app developers as an extension to your already existing IT team, to help in the mobile app development process only. You could also hire these developers individually as per your requirements, but the overall hiring and then training them on the job, becomes a task.

As per current trends, remote developers tend to charge a comparatively very low price in comparison to in-house staff augmentation or outsourcing app development companies. So, if you are looking to hire app developers as per your budget; they could end up being your best option.

Why should you hire a dedicated team of developers?

When you hire dedicated mobile developers, you end up hiring a team of experts across different skill sets who ensure that your app development is done and completed as per your expectations and requirements. Their benefits include:

  • Helps businesses save costs generally spent on finding and hiring an in-house team with the required technology toolkits, hardware equipment and other costs (which includes training them with requisite work processes, salaries, etc).hire dedicated mobile app developers
  • When you choose to hire dedicated developers from a third party or outsourcing company, it does not require a lot of effort.
  • Dedicated developers team tends to provide you with complete transparency as they shall provide you with timely updation of your app project’s progress.
  • When you hire dedicated developers, they only work on your project and are, therefore, more focused.
  • They are experienced technology experts who work across multiple technology frameworks and platforms with varied skill sets.
  • A dedicated app development team provides flexibility in development, when an entrepreneur or app owner is not very clear about the scope and functionalities of an app.
  • Dedicated Remote developers tend to have better work efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • A dedicated team can be scaled up and down anytime, as per the project development requirements.

As per global reports, ‘nearly 73% of all app development teams globally would have remote workers by 2028’.

Managing remote workers may sound like a difficult task; but it definitely has its merits in terms of money and effort saved. It also tends to take the least amount of time required to build an app, as the developers tend to focus all their time and energies into building them swiftly.

Things to know before you hire dedicated mobile app developers

Mobile app development is a process that involves various smaller expertise-oriented tasks that are required to be well-synchronized to form a digital asset that could perform the desired functionalities and deliver utilities. Before you hire dedicated development team, you need to set these straight. Let us first analyze them:

1. Goals:

As an entrepreneur or a business leader, before hiring an experienced dedicated development team; you should have a clear idea of your business idea and as to what you want your app to look like and the functions that it should take care of. In fact, it is desirable to have a prototype developed in your mind for the same purpose. You could even jot them all down on paper.

2. Market Research:

You should first analyze markets and try to understand the viability and prospects of the business idea you intend to develop, including the already existing market players and your direct competition. You should also be well aware about the general market size and your product’s or services scope within.

3. Target Audience:

You should know about the exact audience that your product or service intends to target.

4. Do the Maths:

This one feature of mobile app development, tends to affect all other factors of the mobile app development process. Before you decide to hire dedicated mobile app developers, you need to analyze as to how much does it cost to make an app and how much exactly will you be willing to spend in terms of app development, technologies, team, app maintenance, app marketing and there on.

How to hire an expert dedicated team?

Once, you are clear about the above stated prerequisites; you need a team of app developers that can share your goals and visions and then develop an insightful solution as per the other factors involved. The following steps need to be kept in mind when looking to hire dedicated mobile developers:

1. Lookout for them at the appropriate places:

Finding the perfect remote software development team could be a herculean task, until and unless you look into the correct spaces:

  • You could look for them in your immediate circle and network including family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • You could ‘google’ about the best remote developers who may work in your budget, with technical specifications that you require.
  • You could also hire dedicated mobile app developers team from a mobile app development company that outsources its team. There are online directories like Appdexa, which provide an in-depth account of the experience, expertise and other aspects of these app development companies.

Research about the available dedicated developers and shortlist the ones best suited to you.

2. Compare and Contrast:

Once you have a list of the best app developers, you may wish to hire; you will have to zero in on the most suitable app development company or developer for you. For this, you would have to lookout for their:

  • Experience: Lookout for the clients, project portfolios and industries they have already worked with. Also read the reviews posted by their ex-clients, in order to get a clear view about the experience of your selected developers. In our vision, it is better to hire app developers with experience in your industry, as they are in a better position to understand and imbibe your work nuances in their processes.
  • Expertise: Each project is different, and so are its experiences. Lookout for the app developers with the technical expertise that you require for your app development task. hire dedicated development team

They should also be well aware about the current development trends and app security practices required for the job at hand.

  • Ethics: One app developer cannot make your complete app. Thus, you would require a complete onshore or offshore dedicated team for the same. The issue is to ensure that they are able to gel well together as a team despite physical, timezone, mental, technical or other differences.
  • Ample Communication options: You will have to ensure that your remote developers are open to numerous communication and discussion options with you as well as your other team members. As they tend to work remotely, without any or little physical access; this is a must. You should convey the same to them beforehand.

3. Interview them to find the best:

Once done with comparing, you should be interviewing them to gauge the remote software development team, with whom you hand your team could have the best rapport and are the easiest to communicate with. These interviews could be done online or offline as per your and the development team’s availability. To understand their inclination towards your app development task, you should share your app goals and requirements, and look out for their views in return. Also, try and gauge how well they understood your brand, its value and your vision.

The above stated steps will help you find and hire the most suited developers for your development.

Points to remember for Remote Workforce Management

Once you are done finding the right app development company and developers for your job, you need to take appropriate steps to ensure that the app development process is done seamlessly.

After all, the app owner or a designated app manager (hired by the app owner) are themselves responsible for coordination and managing remote employees.

For smoother remote team management:

  1. Try and create proper work discipline, in terms of work hours, timings, etc. As your remote developers might be working in different time zones. Therefore, selecting an appropriate time to connect that suits both the sides is imminent.
  2. Be it managing remote employees, or working with in-house team; you would require a detailed roadmap to develop your app; demarcating milestones, goals, timelines, cost, etc.
  3. As an app owner, in order to efficiently manage your remote team; you would have to set a daily task list and get feedback from developers on the ground covered.
  4. Remember, for remote team management; use of technology is a must. Use of Zoom and Google Hangouts for video calls and meetups or software like microsoft teams and skype for sharing of resources is highly recommended.
  5. There are various online tools for project management and synchronization readily available out there.
  6. You will have to create means to track app development workflows and provide timely feedback on the same.
  7. Ensure that there is transparency on both ends, in terms of tasks done as well as app development requirements.
  8. Try synchronizing all your developers mentally as well as socially, in order to develop them as well-gelled technology partners.
  9. Try and develop trust and compassion amongst the team on both sides.

Try finding the truly dedicated ones out there

To find and select the most suited app developers for your project, you would have to understand your app and its requirements yourself first. If you are clear about the idea, but not the process; hiring a dedicated app development team may turn out to be your best bet. We hope the above stated pointers and discussion gives you a clear insight about the same.

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