Guidance on Promoting Your Mobile App

Guidance on Promoting Your Mobile App

November 16, 2016 by Appdexa

There is a trend of increasing number of tech savvy mobile users who prefer to spend most of their digital time, more on the apps, rather than their computer devices. But, after we complete developing an app, the foremost concern is the formulation of a promotional service for the app. We see innumerable mobile apps developed and vying for a place among the competition. Without an impeccable mobile app marketing strategy, we will see more of combative and fierce forms of competitions. A marketing campaign will make the app stand out among the competition. There are many ways and means of the promotion of your mobile apps and there are variety of tactics for building the audience for the app. The broad categories of the mobile app marketing strategies are:

  • Pre-launch efforts
  • Post-launch plans

1. Pre-Launch Efforts

Pre-launch advertising effort must not be neglected as it is the goal of each and every mobile app developer to reach the highest number of downloads. Some of the strategies for pre-launch mobile app marketing are:

i. Marketing Must be Involved Soon

The development of the mobile app will start simultaneously  with the marketing campaign. The earlier phases of development will help to set the marketing direction. The marketing team need to be involved in the early stages of the product development itself.

ii. Market Analysis

A competition analysis on the key players in your app category is a great tool for providing insights on  the target audience and what they value in the app. The information that need to be gathered are name of the app,  the keywords which are ranking high and the targeted categories.

iii. Promotion

This is about the hype that need to be generated for successfully launching  your app. The various means of attaining the pre-launch media exposure are:

2. Social Media

The nature of the app and the target audience will decide on the social media presence. Sneak peeks, promo videos and teasers need  to be shared over the social media network. The marketing campaigns are based on the feedbacks.

i. Marketing through Emails

The email marketing is targeted for the users who are eager to buy and for solving their practical problem. It simply widens the initial target audience.

ii. Leveraging the Feedbacks

The app marketing campaigns will enable to get the feedbacks from the real-life users of apps who have experience and leveraging the feedbacks for further improvements and modifications.

iii. Engaging the Influencers

The same group of above experienced users are needed to act as high-quality beta testers. This way it will find an avenue for a better fit for your app in the problems and needs of the audience.

iv. Blogging

One must start sharing quality content in the form of blogs for your website and take more control in your own hand.

3. Post-launch Plan

The post-launch mobile app marketing strategy starts with a solid foundation of the pre-launch efforts, with a continuous effort towards progress and boosting it further with the below mentioned methods:  

i. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization revolves around the SEO-friendly keywords which improves the search engine ranking by a considerable amount. The app description must be professionally written, original and compelling, The key features of the apps will be showcased by the screenshots. However the download numbers of the apps is increased by the complementary video that acts as an user guide along with highlighted  USP of the app.

ii. Organic Promotion

The post launch app promotion are enhanced with plenty of creative methods. Social media campaigns that are contest-driven are the best way to promote organically.

iii. Paid Promotion

Paid Mobile ads are the best way to boost the promotion at a reasonable rate. Improved targeting capabilities are provided by advertising platforms such as Facebook App Install Ads, Twitter Ads and Google Universal App Campaigns.

Even after running a successful mobile app marketing campaign, customer retention and engagement of new customers must not be diminished. Customer reviews are good for pinpointing the potential weak points of your apps and will provide valuable inputs on which direction to take for the post-launch activities. Valuable information is also obtained  through the analytics such as App Retention Rate and Average Revenue Per User for the urgent updates and the bugs to be fixed.


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