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How to Grow Downloads with Instagram like Mobile App

August 8, 2017 by Eric Miller

If you are someone who has got a connection with Mobile App Development Company in any of the ways, you must have craved for the success similar to Instagram. This popular internet-based photo sharing application needs no mention when it comes to the popularity the app holds among the audience. The success and the popularity of Instagram have already triggered a number of mobile app development companies to create an app similar to Instagram.

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The Instagram app has not only changed some of its features to be entertaining enough for the users but has also altered its traditional logo to grab the users’ eyeballs. And, it has remained successful too in its attempt. As the old school icon got changed, there was a huge positive response from the users. So, is it really important for mobile app development companies to design a mobile app like Instagram to grow the downloads?

Mobile App Downloads

Is Designing Instagram Like App Guarantees the Success?

The obvious answer to this question is an “app-solutely” yes! But the most important questions that will further haunt your mind are:

  • How to redesign such app?

  • When is the right time to launch such an application?, And

  • Which audience should you focus?

Well, all these questions have some common answers, allow me to brief you about these aspects in this blog post further.

When redesigning your application, mobile app customization plays an apt role in bringing the success. And, no one would ever like to miss such a chance, isn’t it? What you could do the best from your side is to talk to the team of your mobile app developers to brief them about the kind of features you need.

Also, give them a hint that you need an app along with the lines of the most iconic app like Instagram, Facebook etc. Don’t copy the whole app and try to bring innovation like real-time tagging while posting the videos as well as images.

Social Media App Features

Now the time of the mobile app launch is a crucial one and the best approaches could bring the positive results to you. Never get into the practice of launching your app directly into the market, take out some time to:

  • Study the Market Trends.
  • Create a Buzz in the Market (possibly with huge online/offline campaigns, viral online audience pools etc.)
  • Market Your Apps Through Different Channels.

When it comes to focusing on the audience base, do consider the platform(iOS/Android) you are developing your app for. Both these platforms have got a huge audience base, and thus it is important to focus on the requirements of that typical audience base. For instance, Android follows the material designs in order to guide the users thoroughly through the app. And for iOS, the animation plays a crucial role in the UI and UX. Thus, while designing the app, keeping this point in the mind is sure to bring success.

Signing Off

Either you are wishing to redesign your app or it is a requirement to create a completely new application, following the design paradigm of the successful app is surely going to benefit you. However, one suggestion to follow is to put in the designing innovation (something that has not been yet coined by other mobile app development companies).


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