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A Guiding Note to Developers : Latest Updates in Google I/O This Year

June 19, 2017 by Appdexa

Google needs no mention. And, the company’s contribution in mobile app technology is just exceptional in a number of ways. As the giant keeps on unfolding latest Android versions year after year; we, at Appdexa routinely analyse the trends in the app development. This time the analysis has been done on the trends that are likely to boom after Google’s annual I/O conference this year.

Here are the Latest Trends in Numbers and Figures:

Android Fact Sheet

  • The number of active Android devices has surpassed 2 billion
  • The count of Google apps installed last year was 82 billion
  • The percentage of users buying apps from Google play grew by 30%
  • The number of Google play developers having more than 1 billion installs advanced by 35%


Google’s Next Android Version

Google’s next version for Android is Android O. The beta version has already been rolled out for the users. It has got innovative features for the users and developers too. There is notification channel that helps users organize the push notifications. Users can mute, snooze or even turn off their notifications.


Android Go (Lighter Version of Android O) Will Increase the Number of Users

With Android Go, Google is expected to reach to a billion users. Google’s plan include invading the emerging markets where lower-cost devices are more prominent. Android GO has been specifically developed for the devices that have a memory of around 1 GB or less.

 google io

The Possibilities With Android Studio 3

Android Studio is known as the official integrated development environment for Android platform. It offers a number of tools to developers for creating feature-rich applications. Android Studio 3 has got 20+ main features. The version supports Kotlin programming language too.


Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are lightweight native web apps, which run immediately on smartphones without installing the application. Announcement about testing Android Instant Apps was rolled out in January and now Google is all ready with the concept of these applications.


The Concept of Universal App Campaigns

UAC or Universal App Campaigns is there for developers to create ads across Google network including YouTube, Search, Play, and more. With the help of Adwords, the campaigns are designed using app’s listing, working on the ideas on the text and for the images. It helps in running exceptional campaigns.



The series of the latest updates with Google I/O annual meet is sure to bring more users for Android OS. Google is aiming to acquire more users for the business. And, the dream seems to come true through the update in the Google’s latest platform. As the giant has got some concrete plans for the complete exposure of Android on a global basis, these latest updates announced in Google I/O are sure to bring more visibility to this platform.


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