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Google Gets Into Spam Call Detection, Finally!

July 27, 2016 by Mike Davis

Spam Call Detection

Many countries have introduced laws against spamming in the telephone system, but these are enforced enough to discourage this frustrating behavior. Spam call blockers have been around for many years, with some major third party players like TrueCaller. These third party applications have control in most of the available market. Google has decided to integrate spam call blocking into their dialer app. As of now, this feature is rolling out for Nexus and Android one device via an update of the dialer app.

How Does it works?

Google has a Caller ID capacity in the dialer app for years now, it rolled out together with the launch of Android Kitkat. It already has a pretty thorough directory of businesses. The new feature comes as a part of this currently available feature. When a call comes from a source with a bad reputation, a huge red banner is shown and says the number belongs to a “suspected spam caller”. After the call users can either block the number or mark it as spam or they can also mark it as legitimate for themselves

How Well it will Work?

It can block some obnoxious callers for sure, since Google already has a large database of businesses. But the growth of the database will be slower than other players since it does not have a crowd-sourced or community approach as its third party replacements. If Google can get more peoples details in the database, it will definitely benefit its growth. The increase in the availability of data will be a huge factor in user adaptation of this feature.spam call


Google has to face aggressive competition in this category from third party apps like TrueCaller, especially since these are well established in growing markets like India. TrueCaller has a large user base due to its crowd sourcing model, they collects details about spam callers from the users. This increases the reliability of the available data. Google needs to do much more before this could be fully functional.


The future of this feature is actually really bright, spam calls has become great nuisance to the common user. Most of the users are thinking of a way to reduce spam calls. Since Google has integrated this feature to the default dialer app of android, it will have a faster adoption rate. But Google needs to work on its strategy for collecting user data. There is some more problems, Google has announced that it will not be blocking registered marketing numbers.

Blocking spams have become a much needed feature in all smartphones, even though late Google’s introduction of this feature is much welcoming. Even apple has introduces a spam blocking feature in the beta version of the upcoming iOS 10. This shows the necessity of this feature. Surely this move will help in the improvement of spam blocking techniques.


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