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Google Fight Back Against EU’s $5M Penalty As Antitrust Fine On Android

October 11, 2018 by Janet Scott

Google filed an appeal against the European Union’s antitrust fine of $5M on its OS vertical, Android. The company has announced that it filed an appeal to fight against the EU’ decision over Android. Google broke the news via an email that was sent by the company to a news agency.

The surprised penalty was announced back in July by EU, where the commission said that Google has been misusing its power in the market since 2011. Almost 80% of the smartphones used across the globe are best on Android. Google using its dominance to force the device manufacturers to pre-install its Google Search, Chrome browser and Google Play Store apps. Besides, Margrethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner also mentioned that Google paid many manufacturers to pre-install its app and restrain them from dealing with Android rivals.

“We have now filed our appeal of the EC’s Android decision at the General Court of the EU,” Google wrote in the mail. The company also mentioned that it took the appeal to the second highest court in Luxembourg. However, the company can only challenge the EU’s decision if the allegation is based on the points of law.

On the day of the EU judgment over Android, Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented arguments over the jury decision in a blog post. He said that the Android ecosystem has created more choices for the users, not less.

According to the reports, EU has been investigating Google’s practices and Android business  since last two years. In July, the commission found Google guilty for using the Android platform to suppress the competition. Reportedly, European Commision will defend its decision and will stick to the antitrust fine on Google.

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