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Android Instant App : An Overview on the Latest Google Technology

May 19, 2017 by Appdexa

Google can be synonymized as the hub of innovation when we talk about the latest technology. Whether it is about Android app development or launching a new technology or stunning the users with revolutionary techniques, Google steals the show every single time. And, it is almost impossible to talk on each of Google’s innovation in a single write-up. Android instant app, a latest Google Technology.

Google has always nailed it in launching new technologies, be it a new app, an update in the browser or any other related news. And, the recent introduction of the Android instant app is something that we cannot miss to talk on. Google’s innovative Android instant apps are built to provide exceptional UX to the customers.

It is one of the common problems for every user to install an app and let it run through the mobile. It used to be annoying but not anymore. Android instant app makes it possible to run a version of an application even if it’s not installed in the mobile app. Additionally, the users get the chance of accessing the application from anywhere by using any device without installing the same.

The Importance of Instant Apps

Instant apps take lesser time when downloaded and offer high-end functionalities. This makes it more favorable for the users. The lighter version of Android instant apps can easily be used after satisfying the primary requirements that may differ from one app to another. The best thing about Android instant app is that they elevate the user experience to the next level.

The Advantages

Using Android apps is a win-win situation for both the developers and users as well. An exceptional Android app will offer the best user experience to the users irrespective of the platform. These apps can easily be downloaded, integrated and used instantly. Android instant apps are also known to handle various services at a single time. The users do not need to download a number of apps in addition to it.

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The Working Process

With mobile web browsers, users need to type the name of the app in the browser and tap the same to show the result. With Android instant apps, users are directly given the results. If the app is installed, the services will be loaded. In case, if it is not downloaded, a lite version of the app will be served to the users. The size for the download version of the instant app is 4MB, even then the user experience is not compromised.

In the Conclusion

Android instant apps are going to be the next big runners in the race of some of the most exceptional apps, we have today. As user experience is already there on the list, these apps are sure to win over the hearts of the users in the time to come. Exceptional user experience is a proof of the same.


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