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Google’s Venture In AI Focused Capital Program

June 7, 2017 by Eric Miller

Being one of the globally acclaimed organizations, Google is one such entity that keeps on venturing into new technology-based programs. The organization is also known for utilizing the best available technique to offer the best user experience to the clients. Google keeps on creating the headlines and this time the giant has announced its arrival in Artificial Intelligence focused capital programs.


Google keeps on investing in different technology but this time there is something different about this particular investment. It is Google’s first-ever investment aimed at a specific kind of technology. And the project is going to be lead by engineers solely and this is another news that differs this particular investment from others. Previously, the projects were led only by professional venture capitalists.


A Look On The Details Of The Project

The program has been designed to give start-ups the incubation space and the services as well. Anna Petterson is leading the efforts who has got specialization in Artificial Intelligence programs. As the project is one-of-its-kind, the aim with it is to take the Google’s investment to a new level. And, the professionals have already started working on the same.


As per Sundar Pichai’s recent view on Google’s investment in AI focused capital program, the Google CEO aims at making the organization AI first rather than establishing it as a mobile first organization. Indeed AI is becoming one of the most utilized techniques and Google is making the best move to utilize the technique to the fullest. The company has recently worked on a TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) that helps in quick training of AI models for businesses.


AI Embedded Mobile Apps Future for Google

Artificial Intelligence was one of the hot topics among Google’s recent I/O developer conference. The company also announced that there will be more changes in the Google’s virtual assistant SIRI and it will be more prominent in the times to come. Google is continually working on technologies that have got potential to change the face of AI embedded devices.


In order to become more prominent as a technology acquiring platform, Google is continually investing in the new and innovative techniques. It has also done major investment in acquiring Kaggle, a platform that manages data science and machine learning. Google’s recent investment in all these technology shows its future plan as becoming the top rated organization for working on new technologies.


The End Note

Google has always remained focused on working on the best technology. The recent acquisition from the company is the proof for the same. Google’s latest vision on working on AI-based technology is its another move towards a more promised virtual world.


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