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Good Bye Facebook Paper App!

July 7, 2016 by Eric Miller

The magazine-like construction of the display of the app gave its users a large quantity of content that gave its users an overwhelming experience of reading on versatile topics at one display. The app featured tilting, different from the usual finger based scrolling, as a different sign that permitted loading of high-resolution photos, to play videos and load more about the status updates. Similar to Facebook, it had all the social signals like Facebook shares, Facebook likes, and comments, etc. the content being not limited only to the friends, but you could browse a lot more. The app could be considered amazing and different from other existing news reading and improved services in terms of pre-eminent social actions like the interaction with others, shares, etc. The app gave its users flexibility in choosing the Facebook sections to be added and eventually customize their own newspapers according to their interests. However, the app was available only on iPhones, thus android users couldn’t get this experience of using Facebook paper.

The App Shuts Down

Facebook’s paper, which was an attempt to redesign the new conventional Facebook app, has shut down by the company as it could not gain the large attention of people. The app had an amazing design and had customizable segments of a number of topics such as food, technology, politics and much more. The app designed by Mike Matas was formerly released in the year 2014. The app was designed from the Push Pop Press which was bought by Facebook in the year 2011.

Facebook paper app

Facebook mentioned its users in a message about the aim they had with Facebook Paper. It wanted to explore more of immersive, new and interactive designing components for reading and socializing with content on Facebook. Facebook considers all these elements to be very important to give users a pleasant experience.

The app was launched as an experiment where Facebook tried to involve its users in using Facebook in a new and exciting way. It was only released on an iPhone. The app did not have an android or iPad version. It was concentrated on employing news content. The app allowed you to read the news feed and also reply to messages in the same app which meant that the messenger app was moved out of regular Facebook iOS app.

Although the app was highly praised for its design, it could not stand up to the standard of the regular Facebook app. The Facebook app and paper had a lot of similarities such as the instant articles. They have a somewhat alike design in both of them. Both of them includes how to manage pictures, let the publishers formulate their own designs and a lot more.


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