Follow Important Factors in Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps

Follow Important Factors in Growth Hacking for Mobile Apps

November 24, 2016 by Appdexa

Whether you are a startup or a newly established firm, great marketing is very important. However, creating a world-class product and spreading the information around are not the factors of an effective marketing. In fact, components of a successful marketing plan needs focus, flexibility as well as specifics. These factors are also considered as the foundation of growth hacking plans and an app marketing. As per predictions, it is believed that by the beginning of 2018, the number of mobile app downloads would reach around 300, which would result to $80 Billion revenue for the several app developers.

With this information, it can be said that it is very important for every business to have a mobile app and if you don’t have one then immediately get a smartphone app developed for you. However, there is a wide assortment of apps available and if you are looking forward to mark your app in the plethora of other apps, there is a need to put extra efforts and needs to effectively strategize your app marketing in such a way that you can increase the number of downloads.

Essential Growth-Hacking Strategies for Your Mobile App

Find Your Target Market

It is very important to know the audience of your app and competitors of your mobile app. After acquiring the answers of these questions, you are at a higher chance of growing your business in a streamlined manner.

Develop A Story

You should not just start telling people about the features of your smartphone app. Instead, you need to create a story that includes spreading awareness about different requirements of people and offering them a solution that your app can provide.

Attract People

After knowing your target market and building a good story, it is the time to come up with a strategy for convincing people to notice your app. For attracting people, you can go to events, fairs and even to conferences to distribute cards, pamphlets, which notify how your mobile app can benefit them. Furthermore, advertising is also the best method. Having the knowledge of your target market, you can create advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook and on some app stores also.

Display Your App Properly in Stores

People who are visiting the app store for your app, make sure they are not going without downloading it. Thus, give a catchy name to your app, you should also give good colors in your icon. This can make or break the brand of your smartphone app, so consider properly. In addition, make the first few lines of the description amazing.

Don’t Ignore the International Market

You should check the category of your app and if you think that it is trending in some other country then create a version for that particular country also.

Growth hacking for mobile apps is not very difficult when you consider the minute details which most of the app developers or marketers fail to include.


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