How to Fix the Reasons for Your Stalled Mobile App Reseller Business

Fix the Reasons for Your Stalled Mobile App Re-seller Business

November 23, 2016 by Appdexa

In the age of mobility, we see a continuous growth in the mobile app development market and a trend towards the do-it-yourself(DIY) app building programs, making the lives of the small business entrepreneurs easier, as they want to enter into the competitive mobile app market.  The DIY app building program actually provides you with the necessary tools which is capable of creating mobile apps for the WYSIWYG environment. This will not even need you to know a single line of code, but just the zeal to develop a mobile app business for yourself.

There are several companies that are seriously considering to switch over to Re-seller programs which offers numerous benefits and uses white level app tools, enhancing the up-selling of the mobile apps. The Re-seller programs also offer dedicated customer service. Furthermore, the App Reselling Programs are great sources of revenue generation for the marketers and the sellers. But, like any other programs it has its usual roadblocks. Following are some of these problems faced by the Re-sellers and also states the resolution of the problems.

Problems faced by the Re-sellers:

Lack in Specialization

There is a huge competition in marketing of the mobile apps.  Best solution is to choose a niche market for the app that you want to develop. There is a tremendous need for specific skills, when you are marketing your app. As a white level app re-seller you need to address the niche. This will lead to a manageable and shorter number of leads, as there is a reduction in the target group. A personalized experience is always sought by the online shoppers.

Furthermore, there are other benefits for the specialization as the specialized app resellers will be knowledgeable on the issues faced by the small businesses. As per a study conducted on this, the sales generated by the specialists increases by 123 %, in comparison with the generalists.

Apps are produced in shorter time, when there is familiarity with the app features. The result is the production of creative, high quality apps for better results.

Inability to Utilize Marketing Materials

A good mobile app Re-seller program will offer a range of marketing materials in the form of videos, ebooks, webinars and case studies and these are extremely beneficial for selling the apps, to the target audiences.

You must take some time off and read all these materials for learning to effectively market your mobile app. The training videos, often developed by the best of professionals and are well-researched on the app development industry.

Something Wrong With Your Price

The price of your mobile apps must be extremely competitive, in comparison with others. Another important factor under consideration, while deciding on the mobile app pricing  is the inclusion of charges for the routine maintenance and updations. This usually comes in the form of monthly service fee.

You must avoid “emotional” pricing of your product, which is the best price. 46 % of small businesses fail on lack of understanding the right pricing for their product. The price plan must be clear cut and simple to understand. 58 % of online shoppers will search and then compare based on pricing.

Not Good for Small Businesses

You are failing to target the small businesses with your white label apps. Smaller budgets, with less time and patience are what differentiates the small business owners from the larger corporations. You must resort to a more direct and simple approach.

Unable to Nurture Leads

Lead nurturing is likely to generate 50 % more sales. The needs of the leads must be nurtured in all three phases of awareness, consideration and decision. Long term clients are created by building customer relationship through a series of followups. This is how loyalty is build.

The function of the mobile app re-seller is to grow your business. When facing a lack of growth in your mobile app reselling business, you must resort to the above solutions for  some of the problems encountered by you.


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