Different Way to Find the Best Mobile App Developers for Your Project

How to Find The Best Mobile App Developers for Your Project

September 12, 2017 by Eric Miller

There are nearly 2.3 million professionals working as mobile app developers across the globe. The number is enormous and increasing every day, making it impossible for you to find the right kind. To save you the trouble and billion dollars we’ve found you the right strategies on how to employ the best resources and brightest minds? If you choose your resource without putting much thought into it, there are chances that you will make a wrong choice. You really can’t afford to go wrong when hunting for mobile app developers for your project. The write-up is going to offer you insightful suggestions on how to find the best resource.

Tips to Find the Best Mobile App Developers

Here are a series of tips that will help you find the best mobile app development resources. While making the choice, try to get as much information as you can about the developer. This will help to find the best mobile app development company for your project. Here are the suggestions to keep in the mind.

Select A Destination

Now there are analyst firms that allow you to access the developers from all around the world. However, the top locations seize to be some preferred locations like India, U.S. or may be the UK. Depending upon the location, the cost of the resource will vary prominently. India is a preferred destination to hire mobile app development companies and the cost for a basic mobile application can range anywhere between $5000-$8000. This basic amount can reach up to $40,000 an app depending on the complexity of it. So, the idea is to do a thorough research to find a company that offers the best services under your preferred budget.

Choice of Developers

Choose: a Company VS an Individual

The next thing that will play an important role in finding a perfect match is to decide whether you want a mobile app development company to work for you or it is a developer who can excel in the similar job? Freelance mobile app developers are getting the due attention they have always deserved. The best thing about hiring freelancers is, you get a resource to work for your project only, unlike a mobile app development company that manages a number of projects simultaneously.


The choice between the two depends on the grandeur and complexity of your project. If it is a huge project that needs an organized work flow, go for services of a mobile app development companies. In case, you want nothing but getting your ideas implemented over the project, hire a mobile app development company.

Team activity for Development Team

Skim Through Developer’s/Company’s Profile

The developer’s UI/UX knowledge matters when it’s about the overall success of a mobile app development project. You can’t really know everything about a developer’s skills in a single meeting, but skimming through developers’ portfolio can offer insightful information about them.

And, when it is about knowing the true worth of the company, try to browse through World-renowned marketplaces like Appdexa. You will get major insights on the work profile and the global exposure of well-known mobile app development companies. Moreover, you can also browse through communities such as:

  • Android/Apple developers’ community
  • Tech blogs (this is where you are now 🙂 )

Additional Points to Keep in the Mind:

  • Compare the portfolios of companies/freelancers
  • Communicate your expectations directly
  • Coordinate regular discussions on development process
  • Discuss the flow of development process

It would be great to know if the article really helped you to reach to your desired mobile app development company. Do comment below to let us know your views on how we did with this post.

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Hope you do it!


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